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Mr Stargazer

"Philosophy; it's like breaking the fourth wall, but in real life." - Mr.Stargazer

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attain 1000 followers[]

Complete Mordane Stronghoof[]

Create a sequel to Monster[]

Get featured on EQD[] ( I hate them now)

Have a fan club[]

Go to Bronycon [](....soon)

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Sure, I'll make an update blog post

I'm checking out this page in the middle of the night and I'm super bored. The goal in this of course was to see how far along the Mordane-SH story was. I have discovered (much to my surprise) that you have exactly zero blog posts! ZERO!

That stories like crack cocaine for my eyes man at least tell me how far along it is so my head doesn't explode.:pinkiecrazy:.


2406794 Awesome, I doubt i'd even notice anything outside of incomprehensible gibbirish

2406631 Thank you, I hope you like what I'm going to put out soon. Its a bit rough but I think It will work.

I am ecstatic that you are still writing this, the scope of this story is impressive but the pacing has made it a satisfying read all the way through,

  • Viewing 476 - 480 of 480
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