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Mr Stargazer

"Philosophy; it's like breaking the fourth wall, but in real life." - Mr.Stargazer

My Goals

attain 1000 followers[]

Complete Mordane Stronghoof[]

Create a sequel to Monster[]

Get featured on EQD[] ( I hate them now)

Have a fan club[]

Go to Bronycon [](....soon)

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Keep it up good soldier:rainbowdetermined2:

Also, no lesson!?:pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy:

Friendship report #1: After training for years and being wrongly imprisoned, Mordane has taken his first life via fire and steel

Brown. I want updates. Details.

Maybe in a report format...to strengthen our friendship.

Lets call them...friendship reports.

As promised, here he is, Mordane Stronghoof will be a sword-wielding mage. Do you think he's better with brown skin to match his coat, or with pale skin?

  • Viewing 500 - 504 of 504
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