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They wanted a monster....So they will get one.

(This was written in response to a challenge to write a one thousand word HIE)
(It is one thousand words. Fimfiction is getting the count wrong.)

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Welp that was rather nice for a such a short story...

*Sound of jaw hitting ground*


Rigged != rigid. Nicely done.

Very Good. I'm jealous.

That was good! Very gripping for a short story!


*sees title
Die monster! You don't belong in this world!!!

Russell sat beneath the garden trees. Listening to the wind and thinking how nice it would be to have some chocolate milk.

as soon as i read chocolate milk i knew he would become discord.

I like this concept!

2477543 you and me both buddy

I am reminded of the Twilight Zone episode, "It's a Good Life". I like interpretations of Discord that have some link with humanity.

Good job on the minimal fanfic!

also greatstory! i think it could be entirly plauseable if you ask me and will use this for my source o lore on discorn or the one where he was once starswirl the bearded

2476902>>2476910>>2476918>>2476968>>2477000>>2477100>>2477289>>2478204>>2478463 Thanks guys:pinkiehappy:
I wrote this as a challenge to see if I could make a 1k story HIE with emotional weight.

It also had to be an actual story.

Took about an hour of writing and ten minutes of correction.:eeyup:

2478532 Yes! I just hit one of my writers goals that was hidden. Have someone say my story is nifty

I choose to interpret this as a story about a man who is willing to sink to unfathomable depths and destroy all that he holds dear for the sake of chocolate milk.


I finally got it about halfway through. Very well-written, sirrah.

2478529you forgot to mention meeeeere?!?!?!!

2479097 I do tend to surprise readers:rainbowlaugh:

You should read my story Mordane. Many tell me that the first two chapters are terrifying because it feels like a moment when I go gary sue with him is just around the corner. Never do though

Cant figure how to fix that but everything after tat I get a lot of really good responses.

I am surprised as to how wonderfully written this is for such a great short story.
Plus, its a fantastic short origin story. Love those and this one deserves a fave.:moustache:

2479372 Thanks I came up with it while listening to this.


What can I say? I'm a man of few words.

I have a little story where the Cutie Mark Crusaders are never going to get their cutie marks, and Discord couldn't be more proud of them. If Equestria were the proverbial Garden of Eden, and a strange two-legged visitor were the metaphoric tree of knowledge - then they're not being cast out of paradise. They're leaving of their own free will.

Care to hear more about a little allegory-laden science fiction horror romantic comedy story?

Great choice by the way. Its so perfect with this story. They just join in unison so well once you put both into perspective.


A origin story of chaos incarnate, nice.:pinkiehappy:


This would be pretty sweet if this was Discord's origins.

Awesome. I wouldn't expect anything less!

As his thoughts wandered into ever darker and insane places, his body had slowly change.

One typo there (when something's a thousand words everything counts, right?).

I enjoyed this little snippet. :derpytongue2:

When he told me what he was trying to do I laughed.

And then I read what he wrote and my jaw hit the floor.

Nice, really liked the twist of this fic.

Soon as you mentioned chocolate milk it clicked.

and to think I laughed to myself when you said you would do it but once again you pulled of drinking boiling lead.


Great short story. Any chance of expanding it? Maybe a story where the mane six find out Discord's origins.

This was incredible. Really, it really was. In just over a thousand words, you told a story, impossible, but worthy of a full length fic. You took a generic HiE idea, and pulled it out over the course of a hundred years, and over time, he slowly goes insane before morphing into a character we know today. I have never seen this done before, in under 1500 words no less!
I recently read a short story, The Ballad of the Flexible Bullet, which tells the tale of a writer and editor going insane, but shows just how close we all are to insanity. All it takes is a little Fornit, or in Discord's case, a little mare.

you should keep it up its good

This story makes a disturbing amount of sense.

2483355 actually the story itself is exactly 1k words. Fimfiction just gets the count wrong for some reason. ( also counts authors notes)

Wouldn't it be awesome if the writers of Hasbro actually look into the fanfics in this site and takes their ideas and puts it in the show itself?? This would be a good backstory for Discord...:pinkiehappy:

With the snap of his, fingers - i don't think that there should be a coma, or I'm just bad at english. Btw. GREAT STORY, NYES

2483355 actually its exacally 1000 words. No more no less

2483194 Hmmm I might do it as a poem. Or have fluttershy ask him.

This doesn't fit with how I perceive Discord's character and personality, but an interesting "alternate version" interpretation nonetheless. Also, Discord's real name is Russell? Freaking lol :rainbowlaugh:

Pretty well done. For a thousand words, this was incredible.


Considering how much nonsense bronies come up with, and how much of the canon they misinterpret, I think the show quality would reduce significantly.

Then again, maybe it's just me acting old and grumpy.


Ok two things. First This story Monster was inspired by this song.

Second I did another one of these 1k stories. I'm told its just as good. (by the little imp in my closet)

Here it is!

Also check out my Mordane stronghoof you who have not read it yet.

Discord the God of Chaos was named Russes not the most evil name.

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