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Prey (update) · 3:45am Apr 7th, 2020

cover art by Icekatze!

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Hey, Kkat! I wanted to ask you a question real quick-
What's your opinion on the new My Little Pony show, MLP: Pony Life?
Thanks, I Love you work! I can't believe I didn't find this book sooner.

Greetings, Kkat. No words can describe what I feel towards your story. Fallout: Equestria is awesome and I absolutely love it. And not much time ago I've got an idea.
Fo:E - Exodus. A prequel story that once again links Fo:E and Project Horizons together. Focusing around Batpony character, who escaped from Nightmare Castle some time before the story of Fo:E takes place. Her name is Burst Whitley, and she has a plan that should get other Batponies to understand that they need to get out of their comfort zone and increase their genetic fond to survive any longer. When she escaped, she got onto the Equestrian Wasteland, where things start to go wrong. Her plan is not perfect, but she still believes in it, travelling whole Equestria and getting friends.
Her first acquaintance becomes Zony-Unicorn Zero. His magical talent of a unicorn, together with unusual magic of zebras, make his own powers very special and, thanks to them, he survives on the Wasteland, even though zonies are not welcome anywhere. No pony or zebra on the Wasteland would like to have a company with him, but our hero is not the pony, nor the zebra.
Second friend of Whitley is the lost Enclave's soldier, Tornado Twist. She just got out of training camp, was given Enclave's Power Armor and sent on a mission with other pegasi, but she got lost and almost killed by harsh environment of the Wasteland. Her team didn't even search for her, since they couldn't violate rules. Almost dead, she was found by Whitley and Zero, who have saved her. When she fully healed up, she tried to get back in the Enclave, but they already called her Dashit and tried to shoot her down. She returned to Whitley and Zero, and they were friends since.
Fourth character is... not fully done yet. She's a scientist, who had worked for Flash Fillies, all-mare gang that is based in Flash Industries' headquarters in Hoofington. She has been expelled from this gang because, being leading scientist with many years of experience, she thought of herself too much. After this, she travelled everywhere, living in small towns, selling her knowledge about magical energy weapons and building ones for defense and for sale. I currently can't tell, how would Whitley, Zero and Tornado meet her.
Fifth and sixth characters are Homage and Jokeblue. I plan to make their story more full, describing every one small thing in their past.
Also, I'll expand the lore of Star Blaster, for it being too... anticlimactic? Seriously, how can the weapon of such power have little-to-no backstory at all?! Star Blaster always was the dream of our Scientist(Yeah she has no name for now. We are still thinking about it). She wanted to create a powerful weapon that would be able to desintegrate almost anything. With the help of Whitley's Batpony abilities and Zero's Zony magic, using some knowledge from Black Book that they'll get in their adventures and forging Star Metal, our heroes will be able to create Star Blaster, but right after the death of Jokeblue, Homage will steal the weapon and get in Tenpony Tower, leaving her friends behind. She was traumatized by Jokeblue's death and never wanted to experience this again, sealing herself in this tower and becoming the Voice of the Wasteland, DJ Pon3. After that, Anclave found out about Star Blaster and stole the blueprints, making a whole storage of Star Blaster Ammo and several prototypes. Then, in Fo:E, original Star Blaster was destroyed by Homage, exploding S.P.P Tower and Anclave's soldiers who wanted to hunt Homage down.
Also Whitley will be the link between Pinkie Pie and Blackjack. She will be first to understand what and why Pinkie is doing and will play along, allowing for connection between Pinkie and Black to establish.
That's kinda all I've got for now, but the story grows, and I think that it will be gorgeous.

Hello, Kkat. I am a big fan of Fallout Equestria you created. I am not sure if I should ask here or in a PM but how do you see the use of your OCs in terms of fanart like stories and drawing?

Thank you, Kkat! It didn't say mature content was off, but resetting it worked.

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