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cover art by Icekatze!

Massive thanks to my amazing pre-readers, Semillon and Doubleclick, for proofreading and editing.

Please enjoy reading! :twilightsmile:

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Hope you're doing well, jsut wanted to wish you well .

Here, have a Flutter


3127299 Here is the raw link without hypertext: https://www.deviantart.com/jlryan/art/Fallout-Equestria-eReader-Official-298931230

That link works fine. As I said, you have to ignore the "you can download here" links in the description, and you must download it directly from that page itself. Here is an image to show you where you need to be clicking.

The link doesn't work tho, the page I want to visit says "ERROR: 404"
Well thanks for sharing anyways.

3126760 Download it here. The links provided on that page apparently do not work anymore, but you can download the pdf directly on that page.

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