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Afterthoughts: Honest Apple · 7:51pm Last Monday

Note: I draw examples from U.S. politics more often than I’d like to because I assume it is a subject most of my readers are at least passingly familiar with. (If this assumption is incorrect, please let me know!)  For the record: I don’t associate with any political party.  I prefer to cast my vote based on a candidate’s character rather than policies or party affiliation.  That is why neither Trump nor Clinton earned mine last year.

Today, I present my Afterthoughts on “Honest Apple”.  For those who have followed me for a while, it shouldn’t be a surprise that I’ve got a lot to say about this one. 

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Huh... I... Never ever heard of this. Well, new day - new knowledge :).

mmm... actually, you pay youtube for shows and movies directly. they upload them, then take a cut, then give the rest to the makers i believe

Well, I plan to support "Carousel" release. It's official MLP distributor in Russia :). I also support "Comic Factory" who is officiall Russian distributor of MLP comic.
Although... There is some paid MLP channel on the YouTube?

Personally, I plan on paying youtube to watch it. Always support the official release kiddos.

I'm not spoiling anything :).

  • Viewing 955 - 959 of 959
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