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Five Years Later · 1:54am Jun 29th, 2017

Fallout: Beyond Equestria
Final Session Log

Dramatis Personae
(as written by Scorch Mechanic)

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Dammit. I've always wanted a sequel to Littlepip

Khat, I need to talk to you about me making a fallout 4 Equestria version of your story. I am sending this text to have your permission to write this story. I will write while it will belong to the fallout Equestria storyline. I you find this message text me back. falloutbronyomega out

Kkat, confirmed she will never write a sequel to, Fallout:Equestria because she doesn't want to uninspire a fan F:OE author from writing there own Pony Wasteland book.

she does leave the spp once a year on homages birthday. I don't think it's canon but a lot of side/fan story's say that pip dies of sickness due to here immune system failing. but it's not canon. most likely. hope that helps.:twilightsheepish: Im a F:OE nerd.

I dunno if you ever will, but i'd read the shit out of a sequel with pip maybe leaving spp or something. Littlepip and Homage deserved alot more time together

  • Viewing 1,004 - 1,008 of 1,008
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