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Five Years Later · 1:54am Jun 29th, 2017

Fallout: Beyond Equestria
Final Session Log

Dramatis Personae
(as written by Scorch Mechanic)

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Except the end where everything ends up against Blackjack.
She deserved better.


I would give Project Horizons a read if you want more answers. Somber definitely builds more to the Equestrian Wasteland. It is a long read, and gets pretty wild, but I absolutely loved it.

Excuse me but I was and a few of my friends wondering what FOE might look like if you wrote it with the more current seasons in mind what might change what might be removed or added

and I was wondering if i could get your thoughts on it straight from the horse's mouth as it were

Thanks for writing such an important story.

I also wondered if you know of a FOE project in the works called Fallout Equestria Remains. a 2D sidescrolling shooter/platformer. using fallouts mechanics applied to well the aforementioned 2d sidescrolling shooter format Including having the uncustomized character be littlepip.

Hey Kkat, I was going to make a small side fiction or SteelHooves. It would take place around Chapter Thirty-Six (The Very Strange Tale of Midnight Shower) and it would be about how SteelHooves survived the attack from the Bloodwings and his eventual reunion with Calamity, Littlepip, and Zenith. I was wondering if it was going to be okay with you.

Aww, still no review about the movie? :[

  • Viewing 981 - 985 of 985
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