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Charlie's Angels - Aftershocks

art by BuvanyBu

Continuing my foray into Hazbin Hotel fanfiction, I humbly offer the beginning of Charlie's Angels -Aftershocks. This new story is a sequel to Charlie's Angels.

In the wake of Charlie's Angels, Charlie, Vaggie and Emily have formed a young but stable polycule. And that is far from the only thing that has changed. For Hell, for Heaven and for the lives of the residents and staff of the Hazbin Hotel. But now, as the dust settles and the fallout begins, an unexpected threat endangers everything.

(Art by KattyLender, used with permission.)

For those interested in my work outside of Pony, I hope you enjoy. :twilightsmile:

As before, the story is very character-focused. However, as the first story set up the polycule, the romantic relationship is already established. Now readers get to enjoy seeing this throuple together with their relationship being no longer a focus of the plot but a fact of the setting. Instead, this story involves a lot more world building as I expand the playground this cast gets to inhabit.

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Looks like the site has had a mass loss of pics for some reason.

Edit: Site has returned to form. Weird

Np. And I mean that who knows what will be picked up later as official parts of the Fallout: Equestria timeline?

What do you mean by "considered canon down the line", though?

... I hate how its solely following Atomicbombia House Flipper. GOG.com exists you shill bastards, and you can get the originals for ten bucks.

Also why does it and Borderlands look the same?

I don't mean the same genre or themes. I mean they're literally the same. Same tone, same cringey humor, same everything thats supposed to individualize a piece of media.

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