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Five Years Later · 1:54am Jun 29th, 2017

Fallout: Beyond Equestria
Final Session Log

Dramatis Personae
(as written by Scorch Mechanic)

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there are people printing it as a book so yeah

Just hope that the Fallout 76 B.E.T.A doesn't end up like the Sea of Theives stress test, where it lasts 2 weeks and ends just for it to start up again for another 2 weeks, then again for 2 more weeks, then it's boring by the time its released...

But hopefully that won't happen.:twilightsheepish:

That sounds lovely <3 And it is a good way to play this game.

I'm more open to the game and it's base purpose (from what I understood it's more PvE and PVP will only be something sporadic) but I do understand people who want a more traditional Fallout. Me myself, I want to take part in the B.E.T.A.

Although I am certain that Fallout 5 will come in at most 5 years and will be a glorious single player game ^_^

Also, Really great to see you writing <3 We missed you a lot!

2613459 Based on information revealed this last week, Fallout 76 will eventually have private instances and modding. When (and only when) that happens, I will purchase the game, invite a handful of close friends who (like me) have absolutely zero interest in PVP, and we will play the game into exhaustion.

Thoughts on Fallout 76 from the Bethesda conference yesterday?

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