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Prey (update) · 3:45am April 7th

cover art by Icekatze!

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Hello Kkat; First of all I wish to thank you for creating an amazing story that people can relate to and be inspired by. After listening to the audio book by crazed ramblings and becoming a fan of Confessions of a Wasteland I have decided to create an FoE story set 1570 years after Little Pip's adventure,but there is just one issue. While I do have the knowledge and a decent amount of skill, I have only ever applied it to school essays and worldbuilding.
FoE:Strange Circumstances has been approved, the intro and prologue part 1 are published though how to continue from there is quite daunting. In short I am asking for some help. I want to send you my worldbuilding notes and ask that you read what I've published so far, so that I can improve the story and make it something that honors the Legacy of your work while evolving past it.
I wish you well during this global crisis.

Hey. Can I publish your fan fiction on a third-party site? I will definitely indicate you both the author and the link to the original. I am going to publish your fan fiction in Russian, so the link to the translation will also remain.

Hello Kkat, I just want to say, thank you so much for creating such a wonder story in Fallout Equestria and thank you for sharing it here. Stay awesome Kkat :D

Hello there Kkat!

Hey. Just wanted to share; your story is what lured this old man onto this crazy madcap site... and eventually tried to write something himself. Thanks! - Sparkle Cola:twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 1,053 - 1,057 of 1,057
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