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It has begun. · 10:40pm Dec 22nd, 2012

Well, I'm about ready to start posting my story. I've gotten to a page count where I feel that I can keep the pace of writing with the pace of posting. (300+ pages is good right?) What I really need is just some feedback on what someone outside of my brother thinks. If anypony wants to see it prior to it's official posting, please send me a PM.

Here's a description to incite curiosity.

Ponification is just the beginning.

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Well that's really appreciated. Hope you like it when I'm done.

I don't care about my feedback. I'm glad you didn't abandon the story.
I'm going to follow you so I know when it's out.


Not pulled. Completely started over though. The original is now old enough and I’ve written enough in between it and now that it’s pretty much an old shame of mine. Not that your feedback wasn’t appreciated, it’s just no one’s first notebook doodling looks good compared to their later commissions. So I decided to scrap the original and tweak it. The plot skeleton is still there but tone, details, and direction have been massively overhauled.

Hey, look who I found! I remember taking a look at a story you were writing. Is it coming out, yet or did you pull the plug on it?


You deserved it for writing something that systematically destroyed a vile aberration and replaced it with something that feels like a scene straight from the show while still transcending it.

  • Viewing 28 - 32 of 32
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