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A repository for stories involving the students of Twilight's School of Friendship.

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🤗I love how we just constant see several stories arrive~


Just in case people are wondering, I am restructuring the folder system. If you see a strange uptick in stories, that's why.

I'm okay with it, as long as it pertains to the school in some way.


They indeed have! Seeing them, it's feels really nostalgic, like when you saw the Mane Six for the first time.
MLP: FiM is entering a whole new era with this and Equestria probably is, too. We have the fresh air and new direction that the show really needs here!^^

you have to ask the admin

the ep just come out just give it a few more weeks

That's the plan. So far I've only found two stories pertaining, but hopefully I'll find more throughout the week.

Thanks for creating this group! Hope more people join, and then we can get some great stories in here with a good amount of variety. I'm telling y'all these new characters have a lot of potential

  • Viewing 1 - 10 of 10