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"Huh! That's confusing!"

For everyone's favourite Hippogriff from the Young Six, this is the official Silverstream group!


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"This is amazing!"

"What is that?!"

"No way! I didn't know ponies could turn into... er... what are you?"

"I've just found... STAIRS!"

"I love field-trips!"

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Getting a gallus and silverstream tattoo. Love this ship

Oh yes, saw that pop up in the New Stories section.

And if you've noticed I've written two stories about her already, both of which involve her love for stairs. One depicts her facing the Storm King (even though she fears him in canon, it's not meant to fit in coz it depicts the Storm King's death differently)

I'm glad you've taken interest in the group. Apologies for the late reply, my computer has been playing up... again.

My favorite of the Young Six. (second being Ocellus)

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