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That trans kirin who is getting back into writing. :3


Art by NordicGoat

Gender: Questioning - Trans Female
Age: 22
Nationality: British

Me and my friends:3 Made by Luna

Shining Armor is my husbando

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Hope you're doing well

Imma snuggle chu. :rainbowkiss:

*picks up the Muffin and hugs*

Awesome! Do you have a favorite song from them? Mine's "All You Need Is Love."

Muffin are you familiar with The Beatles?

Aw, thank you! So is yours.

This avatar was made by a good friend of mine called NordicGoat.

Your character is adorable!

Hugs back forever.

Things have been okay. Very busy, still not leaving for good just yet. Still writing Unicorn's Horn. Should hopefully be finished by late 2023. I have the chapters planned out and hope to release them every few months or so. I don't know about I Am Not a Monster. I hope I can get that finished too.

Hey, how is everything going?

*picks up the Muffin and huggles*

Heya! Thanks for the watch and fave. I hope I earned it.:twilightsheepish::twilightsmile:

Thank you for the watch! :twilightsmile::heart:

  • Viewing 988 - 1,007 of 1,007
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