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British male christian who writes mysteries. Number one favourite pony is Fluttershy. Follow me on Discord #3496

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Best Pony = Fluttershy

Tempest Shadow Fan

Upcoming Projects

Untitled second Armada story (Summer 2018)
Untitled third Armada story (2019)
Untitled Twi x Spike story :twilightblush: :heart: :moustache: (2018)
Untitled Princess Fluttershy x Rarity story :yay: :heart: :duck: (TBC)
Untitled Silverstream story (TBC)

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On Canterlot Bridge! mlpforums.com/uploads/post_images/img-3164013-5-rainbow-dash-dun-dun-dunn-o.gif

Thanks for following me, very much so! :D And also for your interest in my story 'Stalker'! :heart::heart:

Thanks for the rolex watch! It fits wel

Thank you. I wish you the greatest of ends on your journey for true love. Know that is even I, a murderer and terrorist in Equestria, can find true love, then anyone can.

Hi there, and thanks so much for the watch! :yay: Glad to have you as a follower :)

Thankies for the watch n fav it is mucho appreciated...n stuff. :twilightsmile:

Doctor is it serious? Does the tingling in my tummy ever stop? Would I sweat less if I wasn't around you? And my heavy beating chest? Why do I feel this way?

Maybe because....I love you

Why thanks for hopping on board the Crazy Train :pinkiecrazy:

Oh hi there! *blushes* Thank you for the watch, I guess I finally hit 50 in less than a year it seems I can't say my writing is total trash anymore. At least that is the agreement I have with YouTube Fans

Hey! Thanks for the follow, hun!:heart::pinkiehappy:

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Phoenix Remington, Skiev Remington, Redheart Darke

Mane Six = Best Heroes Ever

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You're very welcome! Stay awesome and always believe in your dreams!

Thanks for the watch!!! :pinkiehappy:

Thank you for sending me this. Yes, I am on your side of the argument here.

That is wrong on all levels. Blessed be the name of the Lord. I go against this! (Even though I live in the UK).

Quoted from your blog post. Hey, there will be days when we find it hard to be believers of God and his son Jesus Christ. But we are not just believers of Christ; we are Christ's family. God will love us no matter what happens and I will pray for you in the UK for your country and for those who will be affected by this. Remember that God will always want to hear from you; never be afraid to talk to him. He loves you and will forever love you. If you need a friend, I'm always here to talk. Have a happy and peaceful day, and may God be with you whatever you do today. Amen.

Oh don't worry, I'm sure you will!

Thanks for watching me! I hope I can put together something that's worth the sub!

You're welcome! Feel free to hang out whenever! Note: I live in the UK, so time differences will vary.

thanks for the watch :twilightsmile:

Go ahead! I'm not going to stop you.

2594179 A lot of people seem to love it when I wrote her. Might have to do that at some point again as I've been drifting off.

Don't Leave Me was really good. I do love a Fluttershy fanfic! :yay:

2594176 A)Thanks. B)I usually am(unless I have a bad day and even then, I hide it well) and witch story in pacific caught your eye might u ask?


  1. Because you don't like clopfics and neither do I.
  2. You seem like a nice person.
  3. I enjoy reading your content.

I like people who want to stand out and be different! I respect that!

Thank you for the watch. May I ask how I earned it?

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