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Just a British male who loves all his followers and his work. I love MLP, because it's changed my life. Also on Discord #3496

Best Princess = Luna

Best Pony = Fluttershy

I Love Tempest Shadow!


The Best Comments

What a mysterious muffin

The best advice I've received below:

Try to come up with the beginning and the ending of the story first, so you have a starting point and the destination. Only then plan out a logical sequence of events leading from the beginning to the end. That should make stuff fit together better.

On Canterlot Bridge! mlpforums.com/uploads/post_images/img-3164013-5-rainbow-dash-dun-dun-dunn-o.gif

Thanks for following me, very much so! :D And also for your interest in my story 'Stalker'! :heart::heart:

Thanks for the rolex watch! It fits wel

Thank you. I wish you the greatest of ends on your journey for true love. Know that is even I, a murderer and terrorist in Equestria, can find true love, then anyone can.

Hi there, and thanks so much for the watch! :yay: Glad to have you as a follower :)

Thankies for the watch n fav it is mucho appreciated...n stuff. :twilightsmile:

Doctor is it serious? Does the tingling in my tummy ever stop? Would I sweat less if I wasn't around you? And my heavy beating chest? Why do I feel this way?

Maybe because....I love you

Why thanks for hopping on board the Crazy Train :pinkiecrazy:

Oh hi there! *blushes* Thank you for the watch, I guess I finally hit 50 in less than a year it seems I can't say my writing is total trash anymore. At least that is the agreement I have with YouTube Fans

Hey! Thanks for the follow, hun!:heart::pinkiehappy:

I'm British...

...but I'm also related to Irish...

...and French blood! I love the French!

Previous Usernames

Phoenix Remington, Skiev Remington, Redheart Darke

My Favourite Ships

Random Bio

So, you've stumbled across my user page? Let me introduce myself like a true gentleman:

Age: 18
Birthday: 7th March
Current residence: United Kingdom
Sex: Male
Orientation: It's complicated
Religion: Christianity
Favourite colour: Purple
I write in: British-English
Availability on FiMfiction: 90% of the time (depends on my schedule)
Likes: Family, friends, his fans and followers, writing, animals, MLP
Dislikes: Hate towards others

That's me! :twilightsmile:

Project Progress

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Shine #384 · Sunday · · ·

Of course :twilightsmile:
Oh, nice!
Well, glad to have you.

Well firstly, thanks for following me as well. Secondly, I read some things about you on your user page and you just simply mentioned things that were similar about me, I guess.

Shine #382 · Saturday · · ·

Hey, thanks for the follow! May I ask why?

Yeah, sure. That's possible. I love to chat with others on Discord!

Do you wanna chat on discord?

Thank you for the follow. :twilightsmile:

Odd question, but since you've written so many fanfics, I was wondering if you could give me some advice, maybe, please? You can email or pm me if it's easier.

Thanks, Bram Wynter

Not a problem! I am trying to read your works one by one (pretty much what I'm doing with the other writers on FiMfiction). Have a song:

Thankies for der fav it is mucho appreciated.

Thank you so much for the follow! :D


I'm thinking of rewriting it. But this time, I won't rush it. I've see a lot of people really miss it, so I want to make it up to them. I hope to write it soon.

I am a little sad you deleted twilight turns into a puppy

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