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My to-do list is very important to me, except it just gets longer. Discord Number #3496

Best Pony = Fluttershy

I Love Tempest Shadow!


The Best Comments

Did I just get Rock Trolled? I'm okay with this.

Well, well, a horror writer, I respect you, bro.

Why do I have a mysterious muffin on my desk?

What a mysterious muffin

The best advice I've received below:

Try to come up with the beginning and the ending of the story first, so you have a starting point and the destination. Only then plan out a logical sequence of events leading from the beginning to the end. That should make stuff fit together better.

On Canterlot Bridge! mlpforums.com/uploads/post_images/img-3164013-5-rainbow-dash-dun-dun-dunn-o.gif

Thanks for following me, very much so! :D And also for your interest in my story 'Stalker'! :heart::heart:

Thanks for the rolex watch! It fits wel

Thank you. I wish you the greatest of ends on your journey for true love. Know that is even I, a murderer and terrorist in Equestria, can find true love, then anyone can.

Hi there, and thanks so much for the watch! :yay: Glad to have you as a follower :)

Thankies for the watch n fav it is mucho appreciated...n stuff. :twilightsmile:

Doctor is it serious? Does the tingling in my tummy ever stop? Would I sweat less if I wasn't around you? And my heavy beating chest? Why do I feel this way?

Maybe because....I love you

Why thanks for hopping on board the Crazy Train :pinkiecrazy:

Oh hi there! *blushes* Thank you for the watch, I guess I finally hit 50 in less than a year it seems I can't say my writing is total trash anymore. At least that is the agreement I have with YouTube Fans

Hey! Thanks for the follow, hun!:heart::pinkiehappy:

Previous Usernames

Phoenix Remington, Skiev Remington, Redheart Darke

About Me

Bio: British student who loves MLP and enjoys writing. Put those together and I'm having an amazing time. I wish to take up writing as a job in the future. Lives in the UK.

Personality: Shy and quiet. I try to stay out of trouble. Some people think I'm weird, but, hey, at least I'm who I'm meant to be. When it's the right moment, I can be adorable and sexy, if you wanted me to!

Age: 18 1/2

Brithday: 7th March

Gender: Male/Cis-female

Pronouns: He/She

Beliefs/Religion: Christainity

Orientation: Pansexual

Favourite colour: Purple or light blue

Waifu: Autumn Blaze :heart: :heart: :heart:

Favourite Pony: *see top-right*

Favourite Princess: Luna

Favourite Villain: Queen Chrysalis

Favourite Reformed Villain: Tempest Shadow or Trixie

Favourite Young-Six: Silverstream

Availability on FiMfiction and social media: FiMfiction - 90%
Discord - 50% (TheMysteryMuffin#3496)

Likes: Family, friends, my fans and followers, writing, animals, MLP, Jesus, God, the LGBT community and muffins.

Dislikes: Hate, bullying, political madness and I hate the conflict between Christianity and the LGBT community, though I'm not one to go political on.

I love making friends! PM me or send a friend request on Discord anytime! Love you people! :heart:

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You're very welcome. Stay awesome.

Nailah #667 · Sunday · · ·

Thanks for the favorite, I really appreciate it. :yay:

Heh X3

Btw, I can't get on Discord for some reason though. I keep clicking on the icon on my laptop desktop, but it won't let me in for no reason. :/

Can you add that picture to the Hippogriff Silverstream Channel on the Silverstream server for me please? ^^

I've used that before, LOL. :pinkiehappy:

Awwwww, is adorable! I wanna snuggle her!

Yes, Fluttershy is the best pony! :yay: You're welcome, and thanks for following me too! Also, I appreciate the fave.

Fluttershy is best! Also thanks for the watch

Yeah, Yewdee did a great job with her.

You're welcome, hun. Gabby looks adorable, by the way... :heart: ...perhaps in an odd way, so to say.

Thanks for the watch!

Thank you for the fave.

You're welcome. Congratulations, you have posted the 650th comment on my user page! Your OC is very pretty.

Thanks for the watch :pinkiehappy:

Probably hand-drawn. Will be either a unicorn or kirin.

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