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This is a group for the Fall 2017 CuddleFic Contest; welcome all! Check out the forum for the rules and discussion, and feel free to post your contest entries!

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YAY, and OK! Thanks! :heart: Also - cute profile pic!

Yes there are :3c


Are there going to be more cuddlefic challenges (contests) this year? :D

Oh, thanks! I hope I'm second place, though it probably won't happen!

What are the results? It's been a while since the contest ended.

I'll let you know when the results come out :)

Are you going to do this again next year? Like, make this contest an annual thing?

Ok, nice! Thanks! :D

A few ponies were given extensions until tomorrow. I've already begun my portion of the judging, but the other judges will work at their own pace. We'll get the results back to you as soon as we have them, promise!

Is the judging going to be held soon?

Wow.. I have some competitors O_O

There is now a sequel to mine, if anypony is interested. :twilightsmile: The chapters will be released over the next day or two.

Saw this last night after reading one of the fics and getting linked to it.

Had an Idea.

Conglaturashuns. You zapped my muse into action. It may not be Great Art, but it's a start. Gotta get the words flowing again after so many years not writing anything. Thanks. :twilightsmile:

Thanks so much for hosting this!
This contest actually inspired me to write a short and sweet little fic, which I otherwise wouldn't have thought of. Sadly, it's pretty lacking in the cuddles (I sorta lost control of it early on) so I won't worry about submitting it for the contest.
Still! I wouldn't have gotten the idea without this, and thanks to it there's now a bunch of friendly grooming in the story, haha.
Thanks! :raritywink:

Unforunitely I'm too busy to write a fic for this :raritycry:

I can't wait though to see what everybody else writes.

I hope to read some great fanfics about our Best Waifu Princess Luna <3

Also...I hope someone writes a CRAZY fanfic about Trap (Cute Crossdresser) Discord cuddling one of the Mane 6 or Luna <3

Very adorable artwork for the group! I'll be sure to give it my best shot!

Ohhh no. I think some good writers are entering so i'm probably doomed. either way, gotta get to work!

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