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No matter who wins, we all lose. But losing is just winning with extra steps. DatZigga#0503

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Made a Pillowfort · 7:03pm May 3rd

Made a Pillowfort. If you got an account, feel free to catch me there.

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Glad you enjoyed my short story, Is this the End?, so much you added it to your favorites. Thank you. :twilightsmile:

anytime, i hope you get the motives to write another great series with your-- i mean, OUR human Avon.

until then i cannot wait

Damn dude, thanks! I really appreciate that!

Hey man, just wanted to say your series with Avon and his slice of life shenanigans is really fucking awesome, from his personality to the whole "thats how the ponies would probably act or interact" feeling, like it all feels consistent canon-wise.. I loved Race Relations and Anon's Friendship Lessons so much.. really wish more "anon in equestria" stories were more like this, third person narrative, funny profanity, believable interactions and good character development

keep up the good work man

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