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public enemy number one, apparently. if i'm not being outright hostile, i'm trying to be nice


Pro Tip on getting me to be quiet in your comments, authors · 7:05am January 18th

if i'm acting the fool, do not respond. do not reply. leave your dislike and continue with your day. because guess what? most times, this isn't even really your fault. it's the site's problem for not having a proper tagging and filtration system. you're stuck with like, 3 character tags on a story maximum, and the genre tags are broad as fuck. were this site to have a proper tagging and filtering system, like AO3, you'd be able to have as many tags as you could think

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Thank you for liking my stories ^^

dude, it's the dead of winter here
if it was spring i'd be planting strawberries and mint already

I totally agree with your comment about that story was a bunch of bull crap and I do not agree with that shipping of the young six don't mix well

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