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Iqqelverse Reading Order

Here's a list of all of the stories that involve Cheery/Iqqel, listed in the suggested reading order (TQ&I means The Queen and I):

1: Cheersalis
2: Snowboardling
3: TQ&I Book 1: Ponies and Changelings
4: Fidanity 1: Fidanity
5: Love is Blind 1: Harsh Light
6: Reaching Out 1: A Door Opens
7: Infusions 2: Tea
8: TQ&I Book 2: People and Problems
9: Love is Blind 2: Soft Glow
10: Fidanity 2: Fading Embers
11: Reaching Out 2: If Fear Divides, Courage Unites
12: TQ&I Book 3: Friends and Family
13: Dichromatic
14: Reaching Out 3: My Language is Music
15: Infusions 3: Hot Cocoa
16: Fidanity 3: Love Fears Loss
17: Love is Blind 3: Faint Glimmer

Cheersalis, Snowboardling and Dichromatic are by Prane, who conceived of this universe. The Queen and I was my sequel story to Cheersalis, and the rest of the stories are sidefics that are also by me (SoloBrony)

Full breakdown here

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Thank you so much for the watch!! :rainbowwild:

Thanks for the watch. :)

Thank you for writing a kickass story!

Thank you for the follow!


here' another idea: cozy glow (or cosmos from the comics cause shes the closest thing to a serial killer in this universe) operating as a hannibal lector-esque figure to help the name six take on another villain

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