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June 18

Still have outlines 4 for more Geralt chapters and the rest of Discord vs. Harmony, though characters derailed my plans pretty good in the latter. Working on some original fiction today, but will try to keep updates regular on Discord vs. Harmony.

Iqqelverse Reading Order

Here's a list of all of the stories that involve Cheery/Iqqel, listed in the suggested reading order (TQ&I means The Queen and I):

1: Cheersalis
2: Snowboardling
3: TQ&I Book 1: Ponies and Changelings
4: Fidanity 1: Fidanity
5: Love is Blind 1: Harsh Light
6: Reaching Out 1: A Door Opens
7: Infusions 2: Tea
8: TQ&I Book 2: People and Problems
9: Love is Blind 2: Soft Glow
10: Fidanity 2: Fading Embers
11: Reaching Out 2: If Fear Divides, Courage Unites
12: TQ&I Book 3: Friends and Family
13: Dichromatic
14: Reaching Out 3: My Language is Music
15: Infusions 3: Hot Cocoa
16: Fidanity 3: Love Fears Loss
17: Love is Blind 3 (Not yet posted)

Cheersalis, Snowboardling and Dichromatic are by Prane, who conceived of this universe. The Queen and I was my sequel story to Cheersalis, and the rest of the stories are sidefics that are also by me (SoloBrony)

Full breakdown here

ADPA Series

Currently Featuring:

Feature Reviews

1: It's a Wonderful Case

This amusing tale casts Prince Blueblood as an attorney-at-law, and posits a much deeper, more focused character for him than the one seen in the show. This mindset serves as the primary appeal of the fic; Blueblood's perspective is that of a cool, focused professional, and it sheds a very different light on the Equestria we know. Though hindered by some grammatical and stylistic hitches (the author under-uses commas and semicolons in favor of full stops), and possessing a fairly transparent 'mystery', the story maintains decent readability throughout, and an appeal all its own.

My favorite stories on this site

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I'll be here until they pry the ponies out of my cold, dead hands. :rainbowlaugh:

Thanks for being worth following and not disappearing from the fandom.

Thanks for the follow!

Fine I came back.

Happy now?

~Skeeter The Lurker

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