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Traveling Soul

Hello everypony. I'm Traveling Soul. I love reading good storys and I'm a big fan of MLP, Sonic, Doctor Who and many other world.

About Me

My name is Levente Keller.
I'm a 28 year old boy.
I have 3 younger sister and 4 younger brother.
I live in Hungary in Europe.
My mother language isn't english so my spelling isn't the best.
So fell free to correct my spelling please :3

I love to read almost everything sci-fi and/or fantasy as long its have a good story.


Poem 2 · 10:13am Jan 22nd, 2018

So a while ago I shared one of my poem whit you and I thought it is time to share another one.

I am Luna

I soar acrose the night sky,
To do my job as I fly.
I raise the moon and the stars,
After the darkness start to fall.
I fight nightmares in your hearth,
To protect your soul from the dark.
This is my duty as a princess,
I am Luna and you are my witness.

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My New Favourites

List of the worlds I know and like!!

My Little Pony: FIM
Sonic the hedgehog ( comic, Underground, X )
Doctor Who
Gravity Falls
The Owlhouse
R. W. B. Y.
Star Wars
Star Trek
Digimon (All manga and anime )
Pokemon ( The games and the manga and all movies)
Fairy Tail
Fulmetal Alchemist
Marvel Universe
Magic the Gathering
Freedom Planet
Final Fantasy (7,CC,8,9,Tactic)
Mass Effect
Miraculous Ladybug
Kingdom Hearts
Shaman King
Soul Eater
Resident Evil
H. P. Lovecraft ( all book)
Vagrant Story
Steven Universe
Sword Art Online
Accel World

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Kind of you to say so.

Thanks for the fave on Unbalanced Scales, as well.

I found it to be very clever.

Thanks for the fave on The Crystal and the Mirage.

It was realy fun.
And the shipping was Beautiful.

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About my OC / Avatar

My OC-s name is Traveling Soul but he like to be called as Traveller.
He is an Alicorn ( deal whit it ), but only in Equestria. ( My GF darwn it for me.)
His cute mark represent balance. ( The symbol have a special meaning for me)
I like to think that if you want to understand something you need to understand it's opposite to.
His special abilitys are dimension travel and adaptation (understanding and learning).
He can travel to new world once a month but he can travel between world where he already was once in every hour.
When he enters a world his form and abilitys are change to match the rules of that dimension and to maintain the balance of the different worlds.
He don't have much raw power ( little above a normal unicorn), but he is good at learning diferent type is magic. He have a special diamond blue flame magic.
The black and white pattern in his mane and on his wings is a symbol to his and my bipolar personality.

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