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A good story isn't measured by how long it is, but by how long it stays with you.

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I'm Curious...

How many of you actually come here?


Fandom Shenanigans · 8:21pm Dec 21st, 2017

Hey, guys!

So something like three months ago, I got a friend of mine to try FiM. Needless to say, if I’m blogging about it, he’s become a fan and has recently binged his way through all seven seasons like a true champ. Now with that under his belt, he’s been doing the usual lurking around the fandom thing all newcomers do and enjoying all the memes and stuff I’ve thrown at him.

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Reading Rainbow's "One Full Day" Hardcopy Edition!

Hey, guys!

Do you all remember my story Reading Rainbow? Do you remember the story within the story that Rainbow Dash read to Twilight while laid up in the hospital? Did you ever want to hold and read that poem in your very own hands with your very own eyes?

Well, now you can!

I have fleshed out plans for a fully illustrated hardcopy version of Reading Rainbow’s “One Full Day” poem. It will feature approximately seventy-six—yes, seventy-six—pages of illustrations by the amazingly talented Ruirik. They will accompany a fully updated, better-flowing rework of the poem’s phrasing and meter.

How much is it? Well, isn’t that the ever-burning question! Prices will depend on how many people are interested, but guidelines are as follows (before shipping costs):

60-99 books ordered: $30/book
100-199 books ordered: $25/book
200-299 books ordered: $20/book
300+ books ordered (stretch goal!): $15/book

Yes, you read those prices right. Only $15-$30 for seventy-six pages worth of pony. That’s your standard price range for one standard picture by your standard pony artist. That's a steal!!! I am also considering allowing a few slots for OC background features for those who want to put in a little extra. Current sizing is planned to be 7"x9".

Comment below or send a PM/telegram/instagram/carrier pigeon/smoke signal my way if you are interested in a copy. Now, I ask of you: go spread the word, and let’s make this a thing!

Onward and Upward!

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It surprises me that you're so popular in Czechoslovakia. I never thought them to be the pony-loving type.

Comment posted by Rusted Rainbow deleted Feb 16th, 2017

I actually have the next chapter drafted. Sorry for the poor adherence to any sort of schedule... Been busy with life and writing just isn't quite the engaging thing it once was. Lots of games distracting me, too, what with Dark Souls and No Man's Sky and many more.

Anyway, as far as writing is concerned, I'm focusing on finishing up Into the Dark first and then ill be back to Flock Together. I won't leave that story incomplete. Don't worry!

Corejo, are you ever going to finish the story Flock Together?

The ones you already have on your RiL shelf, silly!

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