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It's fanfiction all the way down.


When Twilight and Celestia have an argument about the existence of leap years, there’s only one possible way to settle their differences: a race around the world!

With the full benefit of hindsight, there may have been other ways.

An 80 Days crossover, written as part of Horizon's writing challenge. Edited by Ether Echoes, Soge, Giant Hat, and Tormented Dragon, who are all amazing.

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Suggested Alternate Title: Spike is Best Everything.

Something something leap to conclusions pun

7461907 A leap in logic was definitely made, I'd say.

“The entire solar calendar is going to be rewritten based on the outcome of a race?”

That's gonna be an important discussion topic, I think...

Hmm... the Tragedy's gonna happen sometime... And I'll bet it's 'cause of the financials? Or is that gonna be a RedHerring? Hmm...

Not even gonna bet on the Tragedy source. ... Would Twilight's reaction to the environmental sustainability be tragic??

Good story though! A diverse world!


Yes. :pinkiehappy:


Some kind of Political Tragedy then? ... Exposition that shows the diverse world? ... And note that this is just the Griffon nation-land-thing... There's the Zebra place, and whereever else there is...

Wait... This is gonna crossover with things... I wonder what those things are...

It's not going to crossover, it constitutes a spiritual crossover (which is to say, it uses elements from a property, but does not actually crossover with said property) of a recent and somewhat obscure video game, Around the World in 80 Days, and by extension the novel - this is mentioned in the description.


Dear, if you start posting every time one of my fans is wrong, you'll be stuck on FiMFic all day and I'll have to stage an intervention. :twilightsmile:

(Although you fighting for my honor is super sexy)


Yup! Lidar even lampshades that in the first chapter.

"I'm her Number One Assistant!"
'Oh, like a valet?'


Yay! Glad you're enjoying it. Going to try to update twice weekly.

Oh, Twilight. It's only an extremely inefficient route for your purposes. Your travel agent (who is paid by the furlong) believes your route is just perfect.

Cold in Gardez sent me, this looks really good.


Excellent! CIG gets 10 Jaxie Points for every reader referral. They're tickets he can cash in for stuffed pony plushes, or even some signed merchandise! One plushie costs two billion Jaxie Points.

I'm glad you're enjoying the story so far!

You're missing a word in the short description.

The best base is balanced ternary. Duodecimal is better than decimal, but sexagesimal (Base60) is better. 360 is a better year-length because it is highly composite.

Oh, this is already delightful. :)

"non-economically disruptive"
...Um. Shouldn't there be another hyphen between "economically" and "disruptive"? Currently, I parse it as "not disruptive to the economy", with no mention of not being disruptive to anything else. Unless that was intentional. :)

"warning. This would"

Hm. I'm surprised that they transfer the cargo instead of just switching pulling pegasi.

Ooo I'm excited to see what problems our Duo run into :D Love seeing Spike be so mature and in charge. POLITICAL INTRIGUE!!!

"So Twilight’s visit could be taken in a bad way, then."
Black Hooves.
Oh dear.
Just got it.

Very lovely cultural development and general worldbuilding you've got here, though. :)

Hm. Random thought, but I wonder if pony corsets are supposed to make their legs look longer?

"I think he earned a second date."
Unfortunately, I suspect that someone with a name like Prancep might decide to get in the way of that.

"the dresses eight"

"illuminated her face more properly"
"illuminated it more"?

"Spike clamored up"

"beside her, and squinted"
"her and"?

"throttle lever, and pulled it"
"lever and"?

Not sure why Spike asked her to get them ahead of it. Just nervousness? I can't imagine why this would make him nervous, though; there is, after all, absolutely nothing whatsoever suspicious or worrying about a train running at night with every single light aboard, including the headlamps, doused.

And definitely upvoting and favouriting, not that that's unexpected. :)


Errors corrected! Your eagle eye is, as always, welcome and appreciated. :twilightsmile:

I can't imagine why this would make him nervous, though; there is, after all, absolutely nothing whatsoever suspicious or worrying about a train running at night with every single light aboard, including the headlamps, doused.

Yeah, I mean, that seems legit. Happens all the time.

And definitely upvoting and favouriting, not that that's unexpected. :)



Aaaand there's the [Sad] tag.


Yes! This is a Spike story. :twilightsmile:


Well you see, they had to switch cargo because uh...

Due to... um...

Magic. It's because of pegasus magic. Shut up.


It might be disruptive to other things. (Also, fixed)



7463222 7463360
My guess would be that (this being Griffonia) each courier owns their own cart. It would be like delivering mail via hiring Uber drivers.

Good opening. And I like Celestia's explanation for the inconvenient year length. :trollestia:

Given the look we get of Griffonstone, it seems likely to be intentional to me. The place's disrupted already!

I'm slightly baffled by the geography here... Griffonstone is east of Equestria, yet they seem to be going west here.


In this continuity, Griffonstone is west of Equestria. :twilightsmile:

We've entered technicolor (mostly) equine (mostly) Austria-Hungary, haven't we?

As for the tragedy, I think I may have an inkling of it. I'm thinking that Spike will return from this trip much changed and matured, and Twilight will return pretty much the same as she started it.

So it's deliberate, then. I can live with that!

And I'm really, really liking the way you give Spike the room, and the reason, to shine.

7461916 You don't happen to be related to FanofMostEverything, do you?

7464252 Err... No. What makes you say that?

"Errors corrected! Your eagle eye is, as always, welcome and appreciated. :twilightsmile:"
Thank you. :)

"Yeah, I mean, that seems legit. Happens all the time."
I do wonder what it actually is... The actual running of the trains doesn't seem to be a secret, or even, if the driver is to be believed, especially unknown. Their cargos could be hidden just by keeping the cars dark and closed; there's no reason to go so far as dousing the headlamps. There doesn't seem to be a culture of pretending that the trains don't exist, so I don't expect they're being made harder to see for purely political/ideological reasons. All I'm thinking of is... blackout. To prevent their exact locations being spotted from the air. Which could have several causes, given the country is currently supposedly at peace (I assume a war would have been mentioned, or there'd have been some signs of it at least), and none of the ones I can think of are very comforting.

I wonder how many more stops they'll be able to make before the news reaches them. Probably just one, I'd guess, if the telegraph lines stay intact.


Yeah, given this story, I could already have easily seen it being intentional. On your part, not Twilight's. Dear oblivious Twilight...

Ah, that would make sense as an explanation, I think. :)

Aye, that is a possibility.

And also apparently in some way hatlike. :)

I feel a little foolish asking this, but in exchange for the courier explanation, can I ask what you're talking about with the Black Hooves thing and how it implies the Sad tag? Because you certainly seem to be drawing some connection I'm totally missing, either with Earth-historical context of the guerrillas or some story element I glossed over. Drop it in spoilertext if it seems necessary.

Basically, the story hints pretty strongly that Twilight may just have dodged the bullet (possibly entirely literally) of being present at the assassination of Grand Duke Franz Ferdinand Prince Chain Link of Austria-Hungary Aero-Lipizzan Empire, by the Black Hand Hoof, a militant secret society of ultra-nationalist Serbians Orlovians.

Ah, well, I wouldn't have minded, but it looks like Lurks-no-More got there first. Thanks, Lurks-no-More!
It was also, after all, the assassination of his wife, who was next to him in the open car.

Did you skip a chapter or something? It jumps from day 8 to day 12. (I read the chapter though, its a good one but the start doesn't make sense in relation to the prev chapter)

I'm intensely jealous of your ability to blend really detailed, heavy worldbuilding with such strong characterization and emotion.

Fantastic work. I can't wait to read more. :heart:

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