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Such Wonderous People This Fandom Contains · 6:09pm March 31st

The generous Dezmo just donated to the Friendship is Optimal Writing Contest, so we now have three new prizes!

All Prize Winners: Physical Copy of Contest Anthology*
*Pending adequate entries, stories can only be published with author permission.

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Friendship is Optimal Writing Contest (With Prizes!) · 2:19pm March 31st

There are so many talented writers in this community. So much artistry, so much care, so many people who put their hearts and souls into their stories. And when I look at all those short stories, those novels, those epics and vignettes, at the beautiful acts of creativity that made me laugh and cry, I can’t help but think…

What if there was some way to get all those writers to make stories about the things I want?

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Give Me A Prompt And I'll Write It · 11:01pm March 13th

Short stories, probably not going to be more than a thousand words on their own, nothing gory or mature please.

I've got the whole day off so I'll try to knock off 10 of these today. :twilightsmile:

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Siren Song Audiobook · 6:06am March 8th

The delightful Hexatona, AKA, ARandomAudioBookAppeared, has created an audiobook version of Siren Song!

You remember. Siren Song. That novel I wrote back when I still wrote things? It had bioshock and ponies and...

I was so creative back then. Before the dark times. :pinkiesad2:

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Twilight Sparkle, Princess of Sexual Harassment · 5:43am March 2nd

I found this in an old folder on my computer. I wrote it some time ago. Evidently, my past self decided it wasn't worth publishing.

My past self was a fool.


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Ponyfinder Magic Items · 3:40am February 24th

From the same game as Amarach.

A magic feather, worn like a necklace, that allows the wearer to turn into an eagle. Stolen from an eagle with the power to turn into a pony. May not have been a normal eagle.

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Amarach's Home · 7:36am January 31st

Recently, I've been enjoying a ponyfinder campaign run by the lovely Ether Echoes. It is set in a world where alicorns were once quite common, but centuries ago they "went away," and the land fell into ruin. All the player characters are heroes seeking to uncover the alicorn's ancient legacy, to learn why they vanished, and perhaps to end this age of darkness and bring about the return of their harmonious rule.

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A Jinglemas Story with No Ponies · 11:43pm Dec 20th, 2020

Instead it's all griffons and dragons! What gives?

I'm not going to be able to log into FiMFic for the next few days, and will probably be missing the Jinglemas deadline. So, a few days early, here's my gift for the lovely Axxuy. They wanted a story about Gallus and Smolder, and they got one!

No refunds.

EBetter to Give
Smolder didn't used to like Hearthswarming. Until she realized she could win.
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Utilitarian ethics, explained with ponies · 3:09pm Oct 21st, 2020

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Dystopia Rising, Part 1 · 10:29pm Jul 26th, 2020

There are four men in the trading post when Silf walks in. Let us call the first three Club, Pistol, and Shotgun. These labels are not their names, but they convey the men’s purpose. The hour is very late, past 2 AM. Club is drunk, Pistol is playing solitaire on a little table, Shotgun is half-asleep, his weapon across his lap.

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