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It's fanfiction all the way down.


The strange and delightful romance of Rarity and Spike, as told in the style of a Wes Anderson film. A pretentious love story with lots of shots of ponies staring out windows in the rain.

Written for LtMajorDude for Jinglemas 2023

Given prompt: Spike and Rarity. SPARITY! Spike has to be aged. A massage has to be present. Any race is allowed (original pony/dragon or human or anthro).

Chapters (9)

History records that Celestia smote the Heartspire and the wicked unicorns living within. These are their final stories.

At the end, Celestia kills everyone.

Based on of The Dream Palace of the Highborn by Cold in Gardez.

Chapters (1)

In a flash of green light, five college students from Earth are transported to Equestria and transformed into changelings. Will they be able to find a way home?

My loving alternate take on Don't Bug Me, by Starscribe.

Chapters (4)

Something can be a secret even if everybody knows.

Written for WandererD for Jinglemas 2022

Based on the prompt: I'd like a feel-good story featuring Silverstream and Ocellus.

Chapters (1)

A collection of short stories, based on ten prompts given to me by FiMFiction.

Chapters (10)

The Mane 6 learn who Princess Skystar's father is. They weren't ready.

Written for TheSpookyVoidCaller for Jinglemas 2021

Chapters (1)

The real reason Twilight and Moondancer had a sudden falling out.

Written for Telly Vision for Jinglemas 2021

It now has an audio reading!

Chapters (2)

Starlight thinks that every pony should get to try an omelet at least once.

An entry for Bicyclette's Science Fiction Contest.

Chapters (1)

The changeling who impersonated Rarity during To Where and Back Again returns to Ponyville to say she's sorry.

A speedwriting exercise. Unedited.

Chapters (6)