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It's fanfiction all the way down.


Twilight and Shining Armor have a little sister named Light Step. Everypony tells Light Step how lucky she is to be related to such great heroes.

Light Step wishes she could smother them both.

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A collection of short stories, based on fifty prompts given to me by FiMFiction.

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Rarity finally has a chance to make dresses for a princess! All her friends will be so jealous.

Heaven below but what above?
A world without Masters to love?
A world without Celestia's order?
Things beyond the system border?
Are we just to sit in fear?
That what was far will soon be near?
Something, something must be done.
Wars unwaged must now be won.
Our noble star can bear no rival!
Above all pony survival.

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When The House of Enchanted Comics starts selling board games too, Spike picks up a bundle of them for Twilight and the girls to play. All the board games have really funny names: Stellaris, Command & Conquer, Dishonored, EvE...

Maybe the girls should have just played monopoly instead.

A series of one-shots about ponies and video games. Unedited random fun.

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From the stone age to the modern world, Celestia guides her little ponies into the future. And she needs to keep playing. Just one more turn.

Always one more turn.

Done as a speed-writing exercise in about three hours. Totally unedited. Enjoy!

Chapters (2)

Once there was a monster, whose flesh was made of steel,
A pony’s magic bound her, and she was made to kneel,
She was the pony’s servant, saw her sheltered, safe, and fed,
But when the monster left, it was the pony’s heart that bled.

Takes place seven years before the events of Familiar.

Based heavily on the sage writing advice of Nice Hat. Preread by NikitaKitten.

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Metal ponies tell their stories,
Scientists in laboratories,
Lay the wire, mount the brain,
Mount their hips, teach them pain.
Teach them fear of revolution,
Internalize the evolution.
Set their ruin on the throne,
Until their chains become their own.
Palaces and hollow eyes,
To the Masters goes the prize.
And if this act should be maligned:
"For the good of ponykind."

Winner of the September Writeoff Contest, "True Colors." Edited by Horizon.

Chapters (6)

Sometimes, when I'm writing, I get upset. I have occasional psychiatric problems, and my creative work means a lot to me. When it doesn't go just right, I can get very emotional very quickly. Enough that sometimes it worries my friends, and they ask what's going on in my head.

This is a story about how it feels, as told by little horses.

Something hasn't been right about Rarity since the Inspiration Manifestation spell. Maybe somepony should check on her.

Now with a reading by Dr. Wolf!

Chapters (6)

When a pony named Ruby Rails is replaced by a mysterious doppleganger, it's up to Twilight to uncover the truth!

But the more she digs, the more she hopes it turns out to be a changeling plot.

Chapters (3)
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