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My name is R

Just here to read stories and have a good time, but I might be willing to help if you ask. Have a pleasant day.



A look into the mind of an unconfirmed sociopath. · 12:08am Apr 5th, 2021

Because I have never hidden who I am, even though I'm as shy as Fluttershy.

So today I just felt like talking and Dad's not home, Mom's watching a movie, Morning is playing Minecraft, and big Sis is asleep. Multiple people who know me closely have speculated on whether I am sociopathic and/or autistic. And one of those people has a medical degree.

1st Sociopathic. To begin I refer you to a post I made 2 months ago in response to which villain types were my farorite:

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My R · 9:55pm Mar 22nd, 2021

Apparently there is a song called My R, about a suicidal person who stops several suicides.

I did not name my account after that song, as the person who introduced me to it thought. My first initial is R and I am bad at naming things. Clearing up any misconceptions, I have never been or known anyone who was suicidal. (To to the best of my knowledge anyway.)

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The same to you, and for many days after I wish.

Happy Christmas & Happy Hearth’s Warming R🌲🎅🎁!

just glad to hear you're okayish in this crazy world

Busy. The house is still not done getting fixed up, and the coming of winter is making us try to hurry up insulation, heating, and such. Also I no longer have my own computer and I can't make YouTube videos with my phone. Still, things aren't bad... just a bit messy.

Have you heard of The Lunaverse? It is my favorite place to read about Trixie. You might like it.

Trixie and Derpy avatar!:raritystarry:


I like Trixie!
a lot...

Aww, I'm glad you enjoy my work! It means a lot. You've just recently hit your one year on FimFic, so happy anniversary, and thanks for reading! :yay:

Well, I really liked your The Worst of all Possible Worlds, so I decided to read some of your other stories. Back when I read TWoaPW I didn’t have an account here, so the timing was off.

Thanks for the follow! And for... reading Above the Fire Sky? :rainbowhuh: To be honest, that one's a little old. Like, four writing styles ago old. Prior to learning how to use apostrophes old. Old enough to be learning to write itself! :rainbowlaugh: But thanks nonetheless!

Oh I thought you were talking about a person, not a cat

My best guess is because they are evil. I really don’t have anything more detailed. I hate cats.

Oh no, why?

Hi! My twin sister, Brianna, just joined FimFiction! Here's her profile!

Today I got physically attacked without agreeing to it beforehand. First time it has happened in years. We were having a calm discussion up until they punched me in the nose hard enough to draw blood. I think they expected me to be too shocked to react, but I hit them in the head with my hairbrush and they ran away. I still don't know why they did it. I know we're not friends, but I didn't think we were enemies.

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