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My name is R

Just here to read stories and have a good time, but I might be willing to help if you ask. Have a pleasant day. (Patreon)



A look into the mind of an unconfirmed sociopath. · 12:08am April 5th

Because I have never hidden who I am, even though I'm as shy as Fluttershy.

So today I just felt like talking and Dad's not home, Mom's watching a movie, Morning is playing Minecraft, and big Sis is asleep. Multiple people who know me closely have speculated on whether I am sociopathic and/or autistic. And one of those people has a medical degree.

1st Sociopathic. To begin I refer you to a post I made 2 months ago in response to which villain types were my farorite:

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My R · 9:55pm March 22nd

Apparently there is a song called My R, about a suicidal person who stops several suicides.

I did not name my account after that song, as the person who introduced me to it thought. My first initial is R and I am bad at naming things. Clearing up any misconceptions, I have never been or known anyone who was suicidal. (To to the best of my knowledge anyway.)

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Online, you never know who to trust.

Now I am confused. What risks are involved in following you?

Both. It means you know the risks. I respect that.

Safety? Do you mean me not following you at this point in our relationship, or requiring a pinkie promise before I tell you my name?

Safety precaution. I understand. But know this, when someone follows me, I always follow back. Fair is fair.

I've noticed lots of people seem to follow people more readily than me. I think it is a holdover from how I am rather standoffish in person until I've known someone for a while. I think of a follow as something between a promise that I will look into all they make and an offer of friendship. As nice as you seem, I don't really know hardly anything about you. I might follow you in time, but for now I'll just look into you every now and then. I understand this is not the norm, but it is how I am.

How about you just follow me and in exchange I'll remain quiet.

What! How did you discover my top secret codename? Security breach, all hands prepare to submerge! Dive dive dive!

In return for uncovering my secret, I will tell you my name. But only if you promise not to tell anyone. Pinkie promise?

It's fine. My name's Wrex. I'd ask for your's, but something tells me you go by 'R'.

After you said hi I looked at your page to see what sort of person you presented yourself as. Ok for real this time, is that creepy? I don't intend to be creepy, but I wanted to be able to hold a decent conversation and I have a hard time doing that with nothing to go on.

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