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Hey there, this is Golden Reflection and I am here with my other personalities . So far, I have discovered me (gold), Greyscale (grey), Temporal (blue) and Shifting (green). All last names=Reflection

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This is our first blog post... Yay... · 5:33am Aug 9th, 2016

Hello there, everypony! I must say now that I will most likely not write any lone stories (stories that I have written with just me doing the storyline) I will mostly be an editor for other stories that I find interesting and always give links to stories that I am involved with as soon as the first chapter comes out. I am currently working on a story called 'Not Enought Heads' by This guy here but at this time we have not got much

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Rarity crying over Sweetie Belle’s dead body, it will take about an hour for Greyscale to recover

Thank you for adding my story to your shelf! At which point did A Beautiful New Age make you tear up, may I ask? :twilightsmile:

Hey, thanks for the bookshelf add on the Return of Doctor Whooves! Glad you're enjoying what I've written so far!

2338057 Yeah, putting in the embedded music like the title themes and the soundtrack pieces from the actual TV series is one of my favorite parts of writing the stories. I want to make them feel like actual Doctor Who episodes, and I think the soundtrack pieces helps.

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