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i am a nice goblin who look for fun, bits, love, bits, sexy plots, bits, sex, bits, and cheesecake... can never have enought cheesecake


my mlp oc · 9:51pm Aug 18th, 2017

my oc,
Name: Eshiraith Blackheart
Race: demon-pony hybrid unicorn base [twin horn that curve backwards
age: 473 years old, [been in outside of Tartarus for 200 years]
Gender: herm
Mane/Tail: onxy black with blue stripe mix in, both mane and tail are braided
Coat: grey
Eyes: glowing fel green
cutie mark: green swirl with an eye in the middle [like lenses of truth from Zelda eye symbol]

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That's right, I do remember you now. I liked your comments, it's just been a while. I personally was sucked to realize there was ten months between the start and end of that story. Glad to see I'm still performing to that standard. Just so you know, I'm giving you a follow so I don't forget you again, it's the closest thing this site has to being able to friends people.

that sotry been on my favor list since it frist show up, I am rereading it now I made few post u even replay to them on chapter 1

Thanks for the fav on letter from the road. I can't recall if I've ever seen your name around before, so I'm curious if you ever checked out show business beforehand. I'd be interested in hearing if people are reading the spin off without that context.

i been mean to read this one, it been in my read later folder for a while now, i alway liek that lich, and i am enjoy how he is in your story, i do hope him and twilight get super close, mostly cuase i can see twilight being just like him in thye thirst for knollwage

I thank you for the favorite, mortal.

  • Viewing 122 - 126 of 126
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