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Because sometimes, Ponyville's resident swagon gets all, or at least multiple, mares and dragonesses. This group only accepts stories that involve Spike in a harem or harem situation. Do not add random Spike stories or monogamous ship stories here.

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Id love to see it

What was that last image that is apparently missing?

What about a story that follows spike when he has kids with his harem wives

Here's an idea for an anthro Spike Harem: A Royalty Harem!
Spike is grown up, the adopted son to Celestia and is therefore a prince. Due to his innocent and kind heart (not to mention womanizing looks), princesses, female ambassadors, celebrities and even Queens seek his hand. Though the Main Six and Celestia don't exactly approve.

Candidates include: Princess Luna, Princess Twilight, Princess Bluebelle (R63 Blueblood), Adult Princess Flurry Heart, Princess Skystar, Queen Novo, Queen Umbra and Princess-Dragon Lord Ember.

Anyone interested.

Hey Everypony, come join the new group, Spike's Girls! The group for all spike shippings, big and small.

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proofreading and
editing service

PM me with any requests


Is it possible for someone to write a spike (not barb) x male versions of the mane six?

Hello to all fans of Spike!
Happy New Year!
I will be brief.
There are so many stories in which a person gets in Equestria.
Please, somebody write as Dragon (Spike course) enters the world of human (and clop).
:moustache::heart:All bitches in the World

I read one fix and it was awesome :rainbowkiss:heart::heart::heart::moustache::

Did you turn your mature thing off?350961

Comment posted by ShadowSpike2099 deleted Mar 3rd, 2014

oh i do find spikes antickes humorous oh yes indeed:moustache:

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got a realy distrebing herrem idea...charectors: :ajbemused:::applecry::rainbowkiss::scootangel::unsuresweetie::moustache:

this is going to be good

Spike needs more royal harems. I bet he can handle four princesses and a queen at once... as a baby dragon. :moustache:

i dont know of any groups like that and the only fic that fits the bill is "The unexpected love life of Dusk Shine" but its clopless and more comedy [but still very good]

Oh! I just have an idea for your upcoming story.


You DO realize, this group is for SPIKE's Harem's, right?

Just saying if the blatantly obvious group wasn't blatantly obvious.

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