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Finished Chapter at Last! · 9:46pm Jun 23rd, 2019

Well everybody, thanks to a new friend of mine, mrmidnight, I was able to complete the latest chapter to Spike's New Mansion!

Without his help, I have no idea how long it would've have been to take me to finish it on my own, especially since new obligations in my personal life demand my attention and energy. Nonetheless, I thank you all for your patience with me.

Hope you all enjoy the latest chapter.

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When I have the time, you can be sure. I also hope for more stories in the future.
Granted when it comes to these kind of stories, I tend to like Spike being at the center since I like to consider him Celestia’s son.

Thank you! You're the first person to say that! Did you read it all I take it? If so, you'd be the first person confirmed to have read it all as well!

And you're welcome!

You are welcome and I had to say, the story had my attention. I do hope for a sequel in the future.
BTW, thanks for the watch.

Thank you so much for the fave! I'll have you know you're only the sixth ever person to favorite one of my fics! A milestone for me and all the people here at the Bethesda offices! You Just Work, Dude!

  • Viewing 43 - 47 of 47
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