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What's my age again?


Hasbro Is Time Warner Cable. · 4:10am Jul 10th, 2015

So, in case you haven't heard, Hasbro decided to split season five and post the rest of it -- after Saturday's episode -- in fucking October. :facehoof:

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You're gonna carry your own shit now, Rarity.

The Spike lovin nigga of Fimfic.

I'm da dude with the best avatar on Fimfic. As you can see, I like Spike... a lot. I pretty much read almost every Spike fic (that's readable).

However, there are four types of Spike fics I refuse to read:
1: Spike x filly fics. Spike is way older then
the fillies. Although, I do have as lot of leeway with this rule, as long as the pairing is really unique.
2: Spike turns into a pony. Just... no.
3: Twilight/Spike mother and son relationship. This is the stupidest thing I have ever heard anyone say in this fandom.
4: Spike harems with the mane six or the CMC. I have grow really tired of them; it's the same bullshit over and over again and it gets old very quickly.

Spike fics I love.
1: When Spike is a badass.
2: When Spike is actually treated with respect and love.
3: When Spike burns Equestria to the ground due to years of neglect and abuse. Evil Spike's theme song.

The song of my people!

I made a Skype! if you wanna add me, tell me who you are on Fimfiction. My names icyjohn183.

Be warned: I won't add you on Skype unless you fuck with Spike.

My reaction to Spike-haters, the people who have not found the true religion:

Bucket List for real life and this site.

Ship Spike with every single mare, including r63 mares. [ ]

Try a molly. [ ]

Finish a story. [ ]

Become a world famous international stripper. I already have my name: Assapopoulos! [ ]

Stop being a bitch nigga and get a tattoo. [ ]

Write a story that isn't about Spike. [ ]

Stop smoking weed... Impossible. [ ]

Stop smoking Black and Mild's... again, impossible. [ ]

Play bongos on my belly. [ ]

Be the first male to win the Cincinnati annual twerkfest. [ ]

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Just writing and getting my life back on track.

Nothing much. What about you? I see your ass in the feature box all the time.

What you been up to, homeboy?

Fuckin' miss ya, man.

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