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I do clop. I try too hard and work too little, but I try to write things I can be proud of. Check out the other authors on my page.

A Peek Through The Curtains

At risk of sounding cliche, understated, and cynical, I'm someone who is ambitious and fails to meet self-expectations more often than I succeed.

Idylia is a name built off the word ideal because I believe deeply in this world. For me, creativity comes from a place of genuine curiosity and wonder.

Through my writing I want to share things beautiful enough to strike wholesome awe into people.

Latest Stories

Horse City Soundtrack

Love of the unlovable|Love of community|Love of man.

strong the wild enchantress|even stronger when she glances|evilly she dances|eyes you know leave you in trances

in the brew she'll stir you away|hidden off the beaten path she'll lead you astray

This sense of self is something I can't work out on my own.

I don't need it. I don't think so. I'm not crazy. I don't think so

A million water droplets in 3/4 time.

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You poked back in? Glad to know you're well!

Thank you for the stories.

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2215469 Please keep holding on.

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