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Upcoming Works

All titles are tentative.
Currently Working On:

-Up in the Clouds, Down to Earth
FlutterMac, long, multi-chapter story. Sequel to Romance Reports.

-The Darkest Day
Expanded version of "Pages", from the Romance Reports alternate ending.

-Ponyville University
Just some humanized AU silliness. Yes, you read that right.

Other Ideas I Would Like to Write at Some Point, But Have Only Roughly Sketched Out:

-Untitled Long Story
Final long story in a trilogy based on Romance Reports. Focused on Rainbow Dash and Applejack, with some Pinkie Pie in the mix.

-Untitled Applejack X Rainbow Dash
Another old idea:
"The mane six, having heroically completed yet another daring adventure, are being thrown a party by the grateful citizens of Stalliongrad. Everypony cuts loose and it seems like they've all found someone to, at the very least, chat up over a few drinks. Except Applejack. It just seems like nothing ever comes together for her in the lovin' department, and she spends a good part of the night alone with a bottle. Rainbow Dash drops her own hot prospect to cheer up her friend, and they share some moments. Finally, Applejack realizes a few things and gives Rainbow Dash the shot she's wanted for a long time now. The rest is history.
And by history, I mean rough, passionate lesbian sex.
This would be a version of Applejack that's a bit more bi-curious than I wrote her in Romance Reports, by the way (or is she...?!)"

-Spa Stories
"When Lotus Blossom moved to Ponyville, she had a dream. To run a clean, legitimate business, leaving her lurid past behind. The Luxury Lotus Spa is just such an establishment, offering nothing but above-the-table genuine spa treatments for Ponyville's citizenry. Or so she thought.
Unfortunately for her, her sister Aloe is a complete nymphomaniac who can't wait to get every customer into a back room for sexy massages. And hey, if she can make a few bits while she's at it, why not?
This would actually be a series of shorts, one for each of the mane six. Each of them taking advantage of the spa's "secial services." So basically just some light-hearted sexiness, with various M/F and F/F ridiculousness."

-Untitled Adventure Story Number One
Twilight Sparkle, newly anointed Archmage of Equestria, has some reservations about moving to Canterlot to take up her post. Set some years after the events of Romance Reports, follows Twilight's first action-packed trials at her new job, and why she works without the Elements of Harmony in the years following.

-Untitled Adventure Story Number Two
Set about halfway between Adventure Number One and Like Fine Wine, follows Twilight and Spike on a mission to rescue some kidnapped Canterlot nobility.

-All Things End
Events after Like Fine Wine. The last story.

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Your writing is perfect and my days have been better reading your stories.

Hello. ^^'

been offline since 2014 but bac in 2021 to say hey, where u at? lol

We miss you.

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