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It failed · 2:43am May 4th, 2017

Well, absolutely nobody liked Chapter Two, so I've unpublished it. It was only meant as some backstory as to why Nightmare was punished and put into the state she was, and I thought it was world's better than the idea I originally had, but apparently it was fucking awful. So I suppose I have to throw out every Idea I've had for the fic so far and try to think up a new direction for it. But considering it's me, It'll probably be another year or so before I can bring myself to put it into a

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I'm up for Lewd Role Playing if anyone's into it. Though, I tend to get pretty extreme with it when I do. Feel free to message me if you're up to it. We can see about using something like Discord or Steam for it, since roleplaying on this site itself is frowned upon.

Some of the stuff I'm into:
I'm a big fan of Futanari, especially Futa Rarity. Hyper proportions, mutlicock, multibreasts, crotch tits, excessive cum, cum inflation, futa transformation, breast/genital/ass expansion, incest, lactation, exhibition, macro, molestation, sleep molestation, condom filling.

Also, if you have suggestions or requests for clop fics, send me a PM with details and we can talk about it.

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Is a new second chapter for a broken nightmare coming

Spike/Rarity is okay, other than that I don't often ship Spike with anyone

Are you a fan of spike the dragon.,?!'and please list any spike ship that you favorites.,?!'

Hey, more faves! Glad you enjoyed "Waiting for Sunset" and "Roaring and Screaming". :scootangel:

Thanks for the fav on Double Vision :heart:
Next updates on sunday

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