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I LIVE! · 3:52am August 20th

So, i got a message on twitter recently from a 3d artist that I really like, telling me I inspired them to make the stuff they do because of my fics, and i was insanely touched! So, I've got a little bit of a bug to try writing again. But instead of going through and reading all my fics again, and trying to write more, im gonna take some of my old ideas and try and make a whole new fic all together. Something lewd!

Look forwards to that!

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I am returning, slowly. Things are being written, and boners are being crafted

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I never gave up, simply lost motivation

you still show up here but you produce nothing.....why not just delete it all and move on since you obviously have given up after the hack.

How's things been going lately?

Glad youre back! I was so worried, especially, since the hacker posted something about Cancer.

About the deleted fics… did you talk to one of the admins about it? I´m not sure, but they might be able to restore deleted fics, since I read somewhere, that we shouldnt resubmit stories.


Once you delete a story, it's gone.
Your story may still be in circulation online, if someone else downloaded it before deletion.
Do not re-submit a deleted story. Ask a moderator to restore it if you want to try again.

anyway, i wish you the best of luck, dont give up because of that one idiot.

  • Viewing 41 - 45 of 45
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