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Be prepared · 9:10am May 21st

Lots of chapters for Hard as a Diamond unpublished temporarily as I rewrite them. I'm mostly satisfied with the first one, but beyond that I think things went along a little too quickly, so I'm slowing the roll and working it out so the lewdness increases more gradually. Also as you can see, I had two chapter outlines sitting aroudn for like a year.

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Is a new second chapter for a broken nightmare coming

Spike/Rarity is okay, other than that I don't often ship Spike with anyone

Are you a fan of spike the dragon.,?!'and please list any spike ship that you favorites.,?!'

Hey, more faves! Glad you enjoyed "Waiting for Sunset" and "Roaring and Screaming". :scootangel:

Thanks for the fav on Double Vision :heart:
Next updates on sunday

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