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Hacked · 1:04am Dec 18th, 2018

well... i got hacked... lost all my followed and favorited stories, got all my fics deleted except one that got completely fucked... and there's likely no way to get any of it restored... so... everything is gone... i didn't have my fics backed up anywhere....

i'm pretty... dejected from this... might not come back....

Edit: I got some of them restored, though one was modified, and i didn't have a back up of it, so You Are My Sunshine is truely gone

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Apologies to anyone who may have gotten rude or hateful comments from this account. I got hacked, and it was definitely not me that was doing that.

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Glad youre back! I was so worried, especially, since the hacker posted something about Cancer.

About the deleted fics… did you talk to one of the admins about it? I´m not sure, but they might be able to restore deleted fics, since I read somewhere, that we shouldnt resubmit stories.


Once you delete a story, it's gone.
Your story may still be in circulation online, if someone else downloaded it before deletion.
Do not re-submit a deleted story. Ask a moderator to restore it if you want to try again.

anyway, i wish you the best of luck, dont give up because of that one idiot.

No problem man.
Stay safe.



*sigh* i got hacked.... i apologize to everyone. I hope I can fix things. if not, I guess I'll truely be done writing

Wow thy do that, how old are thy 4. I would say 5 but in my experience (family long tradition of raising children as teachers) 5 year old are some times more adult then the adults.

one of three thing's I would think.
1 someone hacked his account and did all this.
2 he's gone off the deep end and there's no tell what's happened.
3 for whatever reason an admin actually deleted his stuff.

cant really say at this point.

  • Viewing 37 - 41 of 41
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