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Makes sense. I'd say "Withdrawn", but apparently that was done for me.

i was trying to say, that my arguement with the MMMM wasnt about the wonderbolts knowing those things, just that being a mane character shouldnt make RD beyond doubt to the audience. Twilight once brainwashed the entire town into loving a doll. In-universe Luna was also a hero, who saved the world from discord, and still became nightmare moon after, so the wonderbolts have no reason to think, that rainbow dash cant ever commit a crime. the bad guy from that episode was a legendary flyer himself and also someone who they wouldnt naturally suspect.

I never got your comment; too many dislikes? I dunno. Either way, that page was torn out and shredded. Then burned.

What were you trying to say?:unsuresweetie:

Thanks for the fave!

  • Viewing 13 - 17 of 17
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