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There is now a section on my page called Online Shit. (Small box in upper right corner) It will provide links to 3 different things:

My Discord server; Where everything is fucked and no one is safe. There's a lot of weird things in there that can be entertaining to anyone with my sense of humor, but extremely offensive to literally everyone else. The server is 18 and up only!

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Keeping track of this shit

Bleeding Hearts: Updated 1/10 [Hiatus]
Rust In The Breeze: Updated 2/5
Son of a moon: Updated 1/15
The Sweetheart & The Maverick: Updated 2/19

Here's some shit

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Alright well thank you for answering :) Have a good day my friend.

They do, I'll put together a list for you. Just so you know, these are my earlier works, so they're not that great.
The Perfect Mate: Playing Rough (Most of this chapter)
A Night To Remember (Last half of the chapter)
Late Night Stories (First half is very suggestive, second half gets heated)
Without You (No sex, just foreplay)
Forced Affection, Love Ejection (Most of it)

The Perfect Mate; Twilight Saga: Questionable Quirks
Love + Hate= X2
A Moment of Peace (Nudity. No sex)
Easing The Tension Away (2/3 romance. Last 1/3 sex)
Morning Troubles (First 1/3 sexual)
My Girl (Very VERY suggestive. Especially at the very end)

Hey Twisted, I just wanted to come to you and ask if your "The Perfect Mate" stories have any sex in them. And if so, then are they skip able? Just wanted to ask because there are a lot of stories out there that are misleading. Have a good day and I hope you can get back to me when you can. I really am interested in the stories and I would like to read them. Thanks :)

Hi there!

-“Dickless Dan”

P.S. Very original.

Alright, good to know, thanks for the update!

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