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Decisions, Decisions · 2:51am June 7th

I don't know how, but I'm actively writing again.

Don't get too excited! I can feel a few boners from here. After some rapid and not very rational thought, I've decided to cancel a small number of stories that I'm just not feeling it for anymore. Maybe I'll get back to them later, maybe I won't.
We'll see.

I will be going back to some existing stories, but otherwise I have one or two new ones I've been playing will that will eventually get shoved into here.

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Keeping track of this shit

Here's some shit

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A hiccup in scheduling and keeping busy.
Adulting sucks.

Saw you were going to be writing again earlier in the year, everything still going well? Haven't seen anything since that blog post.

Comment posted by Profesionalac deleted Oct 29th, 2021

I've had a couple years to think about it, so I better have something fuckin good XP

Glad I could give you any sort of motivation! Interested to see how you intend for the story to proceed.

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