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Good news and bad news or bad news and bad news depending on how much you want a new chapter from me. · 8:48am Mar 26th, 2012

Well I've been trying to write a new chapter for I'm the god of what now!? but the ideas have been less than forthcoming so I don't when I'll be able to update it again. However the other story I'm working on is coming along at a somewhat better pace and I should be able to upload it in about a week or so if i'm lucky. So you can look forward to that at least.

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Hey! I saw your comment on The Fake Changeling and just wanted to let you know that it'll be updated later today or tomorrow! It's not dead, it just took me a while to find time to write, and wait on editors!

I haven't announced anything yet. But at the same time, you can't stop peoples for wanting to move on. I understand that as authors we have a responsibility, but then again, forcing ourselves to write something is a bad idea as well. It can heavily effect the quality if we do so.

gtk but i will still keep watching:moustache:

Thanks for the watch

Thanks for Favoriting Drake's Empire. :moustache:

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