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Good news and bad news or bad news and bad news depending on how much you want a new chapter from me. · 8:48am Mar 26th, 2012

Well I've been trying to write a new chapter for I'm the god of what now!? but the ideas have been less than forthcoming so I don't when I'll be able to update it again. However the other story I'm working on is coming along at a somewhat better pace and I should be able to upload it in about a week or so if i'm lucky. So you can look forward to that at least.

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God, like that dumbfuck comment you made for Christmas Eve wasn’t bad enough. You seem pretty triggered from that other dude’s comment, for someone using the terms ‘snowflake’ and ‘safe space’. Projecting much?

wow good thing some random moron like you came to my page to tell me how bad I am for poking someone with a rather tame comment a fucking year ago because the guy hasn't even given a blog post or comment about anything for over two years. thank you so much for being that moral busybody and defending people who don't know or care about you from mean words and opinions that "YOU" can't handle. kindly fuck off back to your safe space snowflake.

Your comment on AdmiralTigerclaw's account was completely uncalled for.

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