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I'm Griffin, not much else to it. I've been bullied most of my life, which left me bitter and sarcastic. I'm a closet brony. What? You think I'm just gonna go out and tell a world that hates me that I watch a cartoon intended for little girls? I don't feel like giving the punks at school any more ammo. That's when cosmic powers decide I need to take a trip to my favorite fantasy land. But all is not sunshine and rainbows and it certainly won't be after I'm done with it. Equestria from the point of view of an extremely pissed off teenager, with a twist. Rust, the author of 'The Ballad of Echo the Diamond dog' is awesomesauce enough to have a cross over between our stories. Carnelian is a boss when it comes to art. Part of the 'Chess Game of the Gods'.

Violence, gratuitous swearing, and sexual themes. Reader discretion is advised.

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.....Human Discord?Or just jesus in a Net Cafe just for shits and giggles?

246382 I'm actually NEVER going to talk about what happened in the café ever again. It's over. I'm never going to explain it. It's just 'Cosmic powers', and I'm leaving it at that. Shits and giggles. Titty sprinkles. Whatever you wanna call it.


Changed my mind. Since this went into the whole 'Chess game' thing, eventually, Griffin is gonna find out who his sponsor/player is.

246397Yay~!Titty Sprinkles!

OMG definitly tracking :pinkiehappy:

Tracking just because of the WRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYY!!!

"too much skyrim"? there's no such thing as too musch skyrim

Why is it so easy to kill a 50 foot fire breathing monster?


Why it it that everything you write just keeps getting better and better, first you wrote monster which was an epic story and one of the most entertaining HiE story's i ever read, then you made Ascended which so far makes monster fade in comparison, and now this which is in my opinion the best one jet, you good sir is one of the best story writers i have come across on this site.
The story is very well written, and it feels like the story is progressing at its own rate, nothing seams rushed or forced in anyway the plot and humor just have a natural flow it which makes it very entertaining and fun to read, it feels more like a fantasy book then a fanfic to a cartoon.

First of im glade to see you made another HiE story, that genera is my favorite, (if done well that is) and this is the first story i have read where the human character gets changed to a griffin, so good to see you mix it up a bit (ill grown tired of all human turd pony fic´s)

I like how you described equestria and the rest of the world so far, where equestria is a gem souronded by therd wold country's, after reading what Gilda said about griffin history and there palace in the world, i kinda hope you progress the story whit him becoming the figure head and leader that they as a people have waited so long for, and that he helps restorer the dominion to its former glory whit his human knowledge oblivious badass fighting skills.:twilightsheepish:

not sure how you who'd go about that tho... maybe you could have him rescue the captured griffins from the D-dogs, have him give a fiery speech about restoring the country to glory if they side whit him as king of the dominion (and Gilda as his queen if you are gonna do any romance between them). that who'd work i think. but what who'd i know im just brainstorming here

last i love the skyrim reference, i have bean obsessed whit that game ever sins i bought it a month ago and i see skyrim in everything.
it who'd be hilarious and so awesome:rainbowkiss: if you had Grif be abel to use thu'um´s from skyrim. (FUS RO DAH!!!:flutterrage:)
lol just though of something sooo epic, if he where to be king he could change the name from dominion to skyrim and take the titel high king lol´z

egnouth brainstorming for today i think otherwise i dont know where ill trail of to, so i'll better rap this up.
last point tho, im glad to see you dident plan to defing the power that brought him there, some thing are just best left alone.

ill already said this but i think its worthy of repeating so ill say it agin GRATE STORY i cant wait for more:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

247476 Wow, way to give away half the plot.............:twilightangry2:

246828 Because he's a genius. Then again, his hands are bleeding, and charred, he's covered in blood, nearly been crushed by the dragon's throat. In a straight up fight, he'd get his ass kicked. The point is that he does NOT fight fairly. He plays dirty, he cheats, he does whatever it takes to win. When he dove down it's throat, he wasn't thinking about being eaten, he was thinking 'Ooh, it's all soft and squishy in there, perfect for shredding!' Hit the weak point for massive damage. Since a dragon is completely armored, it's the only spot he hit. He was pissed that Gilda got hurt, so he lost all sense of self preservation, that and he was pretty much going to die anyway.

"Okay, so maybe you'll eat me, but I'm gonna make damn sure you choke."



oh i didn't expect me to be that good of a guesser sorry hehe:twilightblush:

I think one of the main reasons I like Griffin, is because he doesn't HAVE any special powers. His super power, is that he's a big mean meanie pants :pinkiesad2: When he get's mad, he likes to hurt things, and he does it using knowledge that ANYONE can have. He's the protagonist, but it's more like he's an anti hero.

wow he has a lot issues

i'm glad he's at least getting them out of his system in ... well he's getting out :trixieshiftleft:

A little philosophy here and there is a good thing, really adds to a character.

i feel for my poor griffon people:fluttercry:

3 words. Keep. It. Upandcontinuecauseitsgreat! yep 3 words, dang I'm awesome.

i so wish i was him.

Actually we DO only have the capacity to scour the surface. Due to gravity, it takes a stupidly huge amount of energy to literally blow a planet apart.

248803 Creative license. Honestly, humans are so resourceful, if we wanted to, we could figure out how to do it in three years, it's just that nobody stupid enough to want to do it has come along(yet). Also, they're not building the moon colony yet, it's still ten years away from construction start. So let's just say that this is in the near future 5~10 years, instead of saying I'm wrong. I hate being wrong. :flutterrage:

Comment posted by XxTestName69xX deleted Dec 7th, 2018

248660 nice word... i think ill use it in my midterm paper :pinkiehappy:

11:55 PM on a school night......


So make way to start the revolution Make way, we're gonna have fun tonight Make way to start the revolution Let loose and everything will be alright.

Could not think of more appropriate words.

Oh god..
Is this fic.. Heaven?

Y U SO GOOD AUTHOR? :rainbowlaugh: All your fics are good :twilightsmile:

I think I've become a fimfiction addict leterally I have trouble going a day without reading one chapter

This kid is lucky actually I've thought about doing that running away and fighting for myself my life is crappy enough to do that but I'd need to prepare first like some knifes have those pocket well a pocket knife I need a hunting knife yeah ot much I'd need to hell with society it sucks does getting kicked in the chst by some random person and you get detention for three days sound fair explain that kinda shit

251669 Which is why when I'm like 40 and got enough money, I'm moving to the NW Territories, maybe Nunavut. The best times of my childhood were going on vacation up north. It wasn't "trailer camping" We lived off the land. Being excellent fishermen, we would always catch WAAAY more then we needed, so we would barter what extra we had with the locals for other stuff we needed. I once caught two 30 pound whitefish, which were near record size (not quite though :flutterrage:) We would normally come back everyday with 6-10 pike between the 4 of us. And about 20 perch. Then we'd clean them ourselves, make fillets, and trade it for berries, pie crust, w/e we needed. Its not having other people around that's the problem, it's having the wrong KIND of people, the kind of people that society breeds.

251785 ah yeah but I can't hurt humans until they seriously piss me off and even then I hold back I'm not pacifist or anything I just feel bad when I hurt others mostly because I get in trouble but I've been starting to give p on holding back if they piss me off I'm gonna hurt them I'm mostly afraid I'll hit them somewhere too hard and something like paralysis or death would occur thats why I aim for stomach and face those always hurt also I'm starting a new fic I haven't setttled on a name but I was wondering if I could include monster it's not a crossover basically I send my human oc to a lot of universes that are exactly the same as fics he read I have a minor roughdraft but I'm not gonna post it withought your permission (there really is not much of a plot think of coal bucks second life story he has a bunch of mini plots thats the idea in this story but he's stuck being sent to more universes by troll god[I do not care if this is off topic])

251832 Yeah, I'm kind of the same. I normally just take it. It was about 4 years of bullcrap till I finally snapped. Then after I felt SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad about it. I didn't get in trouble though, even though teachers were watching. They knew exactly what was going on, and they weren't gonna stop me.

252102 oh I hold back so I didn't hurt the kids the teachers knew what was happening to me but I got in trouble anyways also would you mind if I used monster/ascended in my weird crossover story

252127 I'll tell you what I tell everyone. I don't care if you use him, just point back to the original story, and say you ripped him off.

252147 well actually I'm gonna mention everything also I swear you log on just so I have to reload the page on my slow internet it annoys me literally I post a comment onto yours all you know what thanks I'm gonna stop ranting but yeah I'm gonna say something at the end of the chapter about where the characters came from

i have decided i will read this mmmmm :moustache:


trolls FTW:rainbowlaugh::twilightsmile::raritystarry::yay::trollestia::moustache::eeyup::ajsmug::derpyderp1::derpyderp2::pinkiehappy::pinkiegasp::pinkiecrazy::rainbowdetermined2:

246479 Oh? And what would that be? While I do put a TF2 reference in every fic I write, I didn't put one in chapter 1, at least, not that I know of. Please point it out.

Wow, this has a "Conrad Stargard The Cross-Time Engineer" feel about it.

You do this right and ill..... give you a cookie. But for real, imo best HIE story set up I've seen.


255063 Ah! I totally didn't even mean that! Nice catch!


also, trolling luna. nice.

The moon is made of blocks, why wouldst thou think it cheese?

This nerd has brought new evidence to life about why nerds could rule the world


I like it. Displaying Equestria less like a gleaming jewel than it first appears.
Also I was more pleased to see Gildas attitude explained. I mean I know about everything else that has been built up to but I enjoyed seeing the almost instinctual bitterness from Griff at the total one sided balance in the quality of life.
I will also enjoy the royal sisters reactions to the letters. I mean they can't exactly hunt down every griffin in the world and ask if they write them annoying letters right?

I look foward to more.

255557 I guess the reason why I can do characters well, is because when I make their reactions and dialogue, I actually get inside their heads, or more accurately, they get inside mine. I write a scene, then read it, playing it in my mind like it's a movie. If something one of the characters does seems awkward, or Out Of Character (OOC) I rewrite that part, and play it over again. I read each chapter about 6 times before publishing it, and given my update speed, that's pretty impressive. That also means that when I'm reading it, I put myself in the position of the main character. In the latest chapter of Ascended, I put myself in his position. I WAS Nightshade, and I watched it all happen. Its a little tactic I came up with to make reading less boring. It's how I read all stories. If you don't already do it, try it.

Mmm..I'm starting to like this gilda

There is one they fear, he is Griffinborn, pretty awsome

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