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Bumping for an Update · 4:54pm Oct 28th, 2015

Just bumping my readers for updates to Resuscitatio's TVTropes pages. It's been awhile since they were updated and I was just hoping they'd come alive again. There's nothing greater than seeing that those pages were updated, and they really help to light a fire under my literary ass!

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you need a new coffee mug saying "Best Fanfic Author Ever":raritystarry:

Ask him how he's doing. We are reading fanfiction of a show about friendship and community, so be sociable!:pinkiesmile:
Edit: He also seems to be busy. please be patient!:scootangel:

What can I say, Wizarding Brittain eating Equestria right to the teeth? That's a shitshow I just need to see more of!

Thanks for the favourite on A Star Among Wizards!

Thanks for the follow!

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