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Tartarus: the fabled prison said to hold all of the demons of Equus at bay.

Few truly know what lies behind the impenetrable doors Cerberus guards. Some say that it is a pit, infinite in it's depth and darkness, from which there is no return. Other claim it to be a hellish plain, filled with fire and pain and suffering, to punish the demons for their sins.

All of them are wrong.

Tartarus is small. An inescapable cell for a single prisoner. But the tales about it's purpose are not false.

For this captive human holds the key to unleashing upon Equestria forces which have not been seen for centuries, forces which predate Equestria by many an age.

And soon, he shall be free.

EDIT: Featured on 5/25/14! SUH-WEEEEET!


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4017116 Thanks so much! Seriously, do you have any idea just how nerve-wracking the first few minutes after posting a story are!? Worrying whether or not people will like it, it's maddening! Ah well, thanks for the support!

I liked the end, it was funny.

What an interesting premise. You have my attention sir/madame.

4017235 I'm a guy. And thank you! As I said, uncharted waters! To boldly go where no author has ever gone before, that is my goal!

Fuck the hell yes

4017342 I take it from your reaction that you approve. :rainbowlaugh:

I just added this shit to a bunch of groups, including my own.

Cool story man! Any past humans to be revived, like in WW2 or something?

4017698 Sadly, no. He is the only one. But don't despair! For we have so many other species to play with. So. Many.

cool! I wonder if there be more humans in this story later in the long run Im getting a little tired of only reading about only one human and one solo species person kind of stories I like equal showings and if nothing else I would love to see or hear some g1 pony elements in this story like mentions of humans of old history no matter how little before celestia or luna flushing them out of the land kind of deal thing.
I know a long shot like a snow ball in a volcano but a wistful hope no?

You have caught my interests sir! I hope to see more of this soon!

I'm giving you thumb up because ents. I like ents.

A great intro, Truly fantastic! *claps*

Great first chapter. Will the other species like the Diamond Dogs and the Buffalo?

Ha! That's excellent. I've mostly backed off this site, but this I'll be following.

4019371 In the eternal words of River Song, "Spoilers".

so you made discord a less serious Puck as the narrator... I like it

also from the description of the guy in Tartarus I just imagine Lezard Valeth from Valkyrie Profile

4019590 Hehehe. How many times I gotta say it? Un. Charted. Waters.

And, not bad...but not quite. Think more like this:
With the color scheme and stuff I mentioned.

4017705 Okay then. How about the tanks of the past as a suggestion that I could think off. Some might also be something in which I have no idea to talk.

4019669 ??? Could you clarify please? I don't understand what you're saying.

This is going to be very interesting..

Okay *Deep Breath*, firstly an OC that is "The most powerful Rune Keeper in existence"? that is making the Mary Sue Cloister Bell ring as if River Song was clawing her way out of her grave as a vampire to cause the apocalypse once again.

Then the narration, having Discord transcend the 4th wall is tolerable. Having Author's notes talk back to him and pull a Prank on him? Ridiculous. While this is just the first chapter I am filled with dread at what could lead off from here.

So I apologise for this but ... this is physically painful to read. Especially after what you've written on SB with Clockwork being so good. It is like watching someone deliberately shoot themselves in the groin and see it as perfectly natural.

I liked the premise, enjoyed the Discord, hell you even added Chrysalis, which is usually worth a like in my book. But what really sold me?

You added Iron Will as a serious character. :moustache:

Please...go on.


4019871 the sin of a Mary Sue lies in the execution, not its existence

Also, it is easy to be the best at something if you have known it for several millennia and is the only user.

The author speaking with discord briefly at the end to bring a comedy note at some commentary is not only funny but sometimes useful as well, to clear up questions that the author thinks might arise or to simply give the chapter a special touch at the end.

So, in summery:

Shut your whore mouth

4020210 Thank you. But, for the record, I see where SemiSane is coming from. Too often does a fic begin to feel too...easy, if you will, because of what he describes. I understand this completely. Which is why I have every intention on being careful, and ensuring that the execution for my character is as flawless as possible.

I understand that not everyone will have a positive view of my story. And I fully accept that. You are free to express your opinion as you must.

As for the ending, no way in hell I'm apologizing for that, that shit was funny! :rainbowwild:

I hold the girl belief that this shall be a most excellent story and I will look forward to its next chapter

Well, color me interested. I'll be following this to watch where it goes :twilightsmile:

I disagree.

4020238 that is a good view on things. It just pisses me off a bit ya know? Guy reads the fic and before any true challenge appears he cries "OP AND GAY" and runs yelling Mary Sue. More so that he is using the label Mary Sue wrong.

And the reasoning is wrong! This is the 'verse where we are the super villains. It would make a real boring story of there was no power and you where stuck in jail.

Eh, I'm to tired now. I'll be clearer in the morning... Or noon

4020376 To be fair, he is from Spacebattles. Them being critical and harsh on a fic is par for the course. Though that's not necessarily a bad thing considering the quality of the fics you find.

>> Xomniac I'll give you a chance but I am going to be cautious. It's just this is mashing all my buttons like me trying to survive a FPS without being riddled with bullets

>> the_sane_maniac I've been reading fanfic since before the 10th of October 2006 (the day I Joined TTH). That's almost ten years now. In that time I've seen a lot of fic from the greats like the mighty Hotpoint to the absolutely insane like Perfect Lionheart. In that time I've learnt a lot about fanfic and so when my instincts flare I listen to them. So please don't insult me as I've been doing this a long time.

Gods damn it! 8 years! 8 years! It's a few minutes to 2am and I should really check my calcs at this time at night.

4020511 Thank you for your understanding, SemiSane.

And sane_maniac, please don't retaliate. If anybody starts any inflammatory fights in the comments section, I will delete any offending posts. Don't test me on this people, comments are for compliments and criticisms. If you want to rip each others throats out take it to a PM.

4019669 The tank suggestion...yeah it's just a typical suggestion. But for the other ideas, clarifying to the fact that I could not think any other ideas.

Huh, I really liked the fresh look with discord, and it was an enjoyable read, but I can't help feel that our hero might be a Gary stu and be too powerful to be able to relate with.

I have an idea for something else that's changed. Here's something you may want to add:

The dragons, once invincible, immortal, wise and magical guardians, are now nothing more than greed-driven shadows of their predecessors.

4021106 Thanks a lot for the spoilers,dragonboy! :flutterrage:

4021124 Not exactly. The odd choices in deities will be explained later on.

4021122 wait, you were already planing on using that?

4021161 well... um... great minds think alike?

The title of this fic really caught my attention, so I gave it a try. I'm thanking just about everything I can think of that I did so. This looks to be absolutely amazing, and I can't wait to see how you continue. All I can say other than obvious praise, is to keep writing and make it awesome like this! :twilightsmile:

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