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Is that a Hermes Blastia converting massive quantities of aer into your pants... or are you just happy to see me?

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Next Story Chapter · 6:27am Feb 28th, 2016

I shall start working on this story once more (Shining the Blacklight). I have a mini adventure planned (though I won't share what) plus another crossover that's already finished. Figured I'd get this done so I can finally not worry about that chapter being forgotten.

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Mutha Flippin' Bio!

Founder of The Sombra-Verse, the group with the better name.

You don't have the privilege of my name....
I'm 23
I'm beautiful(Or handsome if you prefer)
I'm a guy
I like the game Tales of Vesperia (Hence the name)

Fav Ponies/Non-ponies
Vinyl Scratch is Best Background Pony.
Discord is best non-pony.
Sonata is best Siren.
Luna is best Princess... just kidding that's also Discord.
Pinkie is best Mane Six.
Spike is best Dragon.
Stephen and Whitebeard fight over who has the best mustache.
Twicane is best cane

Maybe I'll eventually make an OC pony and put a picture here if I ever get off my lazy ass and do it.

I also play Smite so if you wanna play with me sometime just add WubQueenScratch as your friend

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okay :pinkiesmile: was curious when one or more of the stories would be updated soon for i enjoy reading them,like The Strongest Man in the World :pinkiehappy:

One of them at any rate.

still working on your stories :pinkiesmile:

I see that too.

I see we have similar names

  • Viewing 296 - 300 of 300
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