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Back from the dead and reporting for duty! · 3:59pm Dec 22nd, 2015

Back from the dead and reporting for duty!

After a boring and long Time can I breathe fresh Air again. For those who didn't know I was in Hospital because of an accident at Work. Had a few cracked bones and lost a bit to much blood.

ANYWAY.... I am back now and that is what counts, Yes?

If this wasn't enough PM me and I will gladly answer you.

See ya

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Only way I can get to a 100% is if the next chapter comes out… and the one after that and all the other ones that come after! :3

Level Up! You have earned the Achievement: Thank you for having added High Score! to your favorites! Keep reading, I mean playing, if you want to grind to a 100 percent completion! :rainbowwild:

Many thanks for the favorite on my story.

It’s very much appreciated.

Thanks for the favorite on A Pup Named Fenrir!

Ty for the fave:twilightsmile:

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