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Apotheosis of the Night Picture Dump · 6:53am February 16th

Just dumping pictures for Apotheosis of the Night

Luna all prettied up:

Nightmare Moon:

Eris (best I could find, ditch the reds for darker purples):

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I just clicked your username on your story to see if your account was dead like the one from the other one. I left a 'rip account' comment on the other one, so I figured I'd leave a comment or two here as well.

Still doesn't narrow it by much lol, it'd be easier to go find the story itself and look at it, Why bring it up though?

From what I remember, you shipped Twilight with Luna, and it had a made up metal.

I have a couple stories with the vampire sparkle lol. Some of them are abandoned, most of them aren't.

Your story with the vampire Sparkle is next to the very bottom on the last page of my favourites tab (my oldest tab along with the read later tab) and the guy at the very bottom's account is abandoned.

  • Viewing 150 - 154 of 154
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