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The Sun and her Little Sparkle Sequel, the actual one · 11:57pm April 15th

Because I finally sat down and decided to do it

I'll be putting From the Ashed on hold for a bit, since I'm burning out on it, so this'll occupy my time for a while.

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Will the twilight was dark tonight update?

Comment posted by Shodowpony deleted July 26th

Well I hope it all goes well for you. Just don't stress yourself too much.take as long as you like, stories that are rushed usually have issues or are unsatisfactory, so take your time to get through everything and take your time writing. Slow and steady wins the race after all. Hope all goes well.

I stopped posting after my resurgence because my job at wal mart was destroying me. I'm still settling into my new one, though after that I'll probably stat back up again.

Well thanks for responding anyway. Always good to know your their so that these stories have even a sliver of hope of continuing even if some end where they are.

  • Viewing 141 - 145 of 145
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