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Apotheosis of the Night Picture Dump · 6:53am February 16th

Just dumping pictures for Apotheosis of the Night

Luna all prettied up:

Nightmare Moon:

Eris (best I could find, ditch the reds for darker purples):

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Twilight was dark tonight is pretty much dead unfortunately, but scarlet reverie is fairly high on the list to continue. I just need to get out of this slump I'm in

So about the Twilight was dark tonight and Scarlet Reverie can we get an update instead of a new story on the stacks of unfinished ones?

I just clicked your username on your story to see if your account was dead like the one from the other one. I left a 'rip account' comment on the other one, so I figured I'd leave a comment or two here as well.

Still doesn't narrow it by much lol, it'd be easier to go find the story itself and look at it, Why bring it up though?

From what I remember, you shipped Twilight with Luna, and it had a made up metal.

  • Viewing 152 - 156 of 156
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