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Princess Celestia is the Princess of Equestria, and has brought peace to the Renaissance-era country, but what almost nobody knows is that she has a sister.
Luna finds her way back to Equestria after the passing of her caretaker and honors her father's dying words, to make a name for herself. She never expected to meet such amazing individuals in a place like Ponyville, especially the town's 'celebrity noble'
slightly based off of 'A Knight's Tale'

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No TwiLuna from you? Blasphemy!

she has sister.

I think she has a sister.

3493604 what haresy do you speak of?!
the holy relic that is Twiluna has not been neglected here, I have merely yet to decide upon the romance tag and whether it is appropriate!
there will certainly be twiluna, but when and where? well, your guess is good as mine

This looks promising. Love to see how it unfolds.

interesting idea, i shall await for more updates to see where this goes

3496877>>3496937 glad to have you on board. I wouldn't expect rapid updates like I used to, though, don't quite have the time anymore but hey, I'll try because this is an idea I've had for years
I just decided to 'ponify' it :3

nice chapter

i think it would be a good idea to sprinkle a couple of dark scenes here and there


If you're not familiar with it, I strongly recommend you watch Scrapped Princess - it's an anime that's thematically similar to how you're portraying Luna and may come in handy.

3498976 I looked at it, seems absolutely nothing like it lol
go watch a knight's tale

OhhhOhhhh I like were this is going~ :) cant wait for the next chapter :D!

This is really good I started reading because of the excellent Characterization and the Adventure Story.

"there will certainly be twiluna, but when and where? well, your guess is good as mine" this has me really looking forward to more the setting and Luna as a Knight with a Princess background has so much promise for a Romance. Will be following this closely.

3500978>>3501293 glad to have you, though i brain derped while writing chapter two and totally forgot about the eye scar thing. The eye isn't supposed to work, it was one of the original ideas I had for the armor and it wouldn't make sense otherwise so I'll have to amend the chapter.

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I had't considered that after the Tournament their will be some formal Festivity just more opportunities.

If you ask Rarity to come up with a "simple" dress you are probably gonna end up with something like this anyway.

The Celestia Counterpart
I have to collect my jaw from the floor now.

3505881 lol most tournaments would finish with a banquet, at least the major ones.
and that's much too flashy for Luna lol, she'd refuse to wear it

3517124 glad you like it
and dude
dat profile pic


Simple typo.

Otherwise another enjoyable chapter

3537683 you all know me and my twiluna
3537646 and you imply that a simple typo really makes that much of a difference in the enjoyment of the chapter?
otherwise I enjoyed reading your comment : P

a nice sweet chapter

can't wait for the next one

3538823 glad you enjoyed


In a way yes, but that's because I find it hard to not notice them

3540410 I type fast, so my fingers derp every now and then. I usually catch when I do it but I guess I missed one. no matter, not that big a deal

was still a good chapter, even with that ending (not a big Applejack fan to be honest) so all in all it was still good

not saying that your writing skills were ever bad or anything but I'm pretty sure you're stories are getting even better. I say this because the Renaissance-era country stuff is SO easily screwed up and you have taken this and made actually work

and by the way, LOVE the pic! Luna one of best ponies

3660384 I did a bit of research into this one, along with a knight's tale being my favorite movie so I know a bit about the era. Some things I just threw in there cuz why not but hey, it's a story I can do that.
and of course I'm getting better. you should see the first story I've ever written, actually no you shouldn't... the internet is the best teacher

3661341 well I can always get you a link to the website that has my first attempt at writing (it had been years) of course it has been gone over more than a few times but my punctuation and grammar are still evident of my abilities:facehoof:

3661575 one of the main reasons why I don't usually touch things I've written previously, other than rewrites, is so that I can look at my improvements. take one of my finished stories, like the sun and her little sparkle or crimson night or what say you, and then compare it to some of my first entries on this site even- and I had been writing for quite a few months before then. a lot can change in a year and a half, from single blocks of horribly paced naruto fanfiction to featured stories.
long story short persevere and listen to the good criticism

:yay: UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!:pinkiehappy: thank you:twilightsmile:

HUZAH!!!! an update at last

Indeed, I'm hoping to finish this thing by the time I go on my next random hiatus, expecting at least three more chapters

3789242 awesome, can't wait for them

:yay: new chapter!!:pinkiehappy: thanks

Two chapters in a row? And good ones to boot.

3792182 well thank you kindly, glad to see someone besides me thinks so :3

3793770 you try to write dialogue that rhymes while still keeping the flow, because when my flow breaks my drive for the current writing session breaks. it is the single most annoying thing to write in the entire universe of MLP, alternate or not

3794837 i have the mental capacity, when it comes to rhyming, of a slug...

Author's Note:
been a while since I've been able to finish one chapter of anything in one sitting. laid down last night and just wrote it in two hours.

I wonder how you'll all interpret Celestia's behavior

a LOT more restrained than most people's would have been:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy: granted, the "councilman" may not be catholic but in instances like this the church has SO MANY wonderful old ways making people very well intune with the aches and pains of their bodies:twilightsmile:

tia many not be one of my favorite characters but you've got to admire her restraint in this story.

3797466 The very core of Celestia's character is a just individual at the very least. That's why I can't stand tyrantlestia or things like that because it is in her core being. If it's just then she'll kick your shit in or lop your head off, but in this case there was no proof and such.

a part of me felt like it rushed into this chapter but at the same time i was already expecting to see a time skip from this chapter

idk it's prolly just me who felt that

oh well still a pretty good chapter

3797785 If I try and drag it out by going through more tournaments then I'm just going to lose the drive for it again, and I'd rather finish the story before that happens so I'm skipping over most of the filler

“What the hell happened?” Shining asked.

:rainbowlaugh: Poor Shining, very rarely will you find him not looking around trying to figure out he's supposed to do after the big boys and girls get done with the throwdown

very nice last chapter, the part of tia and Luna jousting and having to call it a draw:pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh:

amazing story, was always looking forward to whenever this story updated

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