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What happens when you get displaced and gain hacker abilities that allow you to use any cheat and command you can think of? You go have some fun at the expense of others of course! (Like my other story, takes place after Sombra's defeat in season 9 but with the change that Celestia and Luna never retired.)

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I think it's a little fast paced, and the fact the character doesn't react at all to being in equestria kinda confuses me, as well as the fact that you specified the minecraft text box and how discord gave literally zero resistance of any form.

What happens when you get displaced and gain hacker abilities that allow you to use any cheat and command you can think of?

I would continue hacking into these government systems to see what I can find out about all this national and international corruption that I know is going on.

I will admit that you are correct. But to be fair, he was more focused on the fact that he had awesome powers than the fact he was in a (supposedly) fictional world completely unlike his.

That also kinda got to me, how any other person would probably freak out or sit down for a second to organize after all of this happening so fast, he just sorta jumped straight on the admin powers, ok no big deal, just make myself op and move on. Yeah, I get it, mabye he's one of those phycopathic hackers thats just unfazed, and I'm honestly in no position to judge others writing skills, but ill stick around to see what happens.

I honestly am in no position to judge, the fact that you, or anyone else, even uploads fics proves you have more balls than me.

Realism and showing what makes the main character human-like, are more important things to character growth. Going with the flow and accepting everything willingly is not how a human would act, especially when they were torn from their reality and into another world that is not theirs. They will no longer see their family, friends, nor their world ever again. Now, it would make sense if he believed he was dreaming or he thinks he's in VR and hasn't realized its not.

Elo, elo, elo ‘ol chap. :moustache:
1. Great story so far. Love the concept of having a total hack in Equis.:scootangel:
2. I have to agree with Demarikus when it comes to being fast passed.:pinkiesad2:
3. I think you should fix “w=ones” in paragraph 3.:twilightsmile:

PS- I know that you don’t know me but I’m like Pinkie, I do what I do and what I do is help.:pinkiehappy:

will he turn the sisters to stone?

I like this so far it's a nice story so far.:pinkiehappy: It's nice to see more Displaced stories, I absolutely love them.:heart: This is artfully written and I am glad to say that there is a considerable lack of errors.:scootangel: Absolutely wonderful. Keep it up my friend.

Thank you very much, I am trying my best to avoid making errors. For the most part, any errors will be "the" being spelled "teh" because sometimes I type so fast I type the e before the h. Spelling errors won't be much of a problem otherwise. Continuity error with the show will be another story however.

Bro I understand.:scootangel: English isn't my original language. I'm from the Philippines. Spelling in English is so annoying:facehoof:, yet it seems that I'm extremely good at editing.:moustache: Sorry it took me a while to respond, was dealing with earlier BS:pinkiesick:, buuut I'm back. :pinkiehappy: Also if you you need any help with said editing, i would be than willing to help.:scootangel:

PS. I'm up for some colabing if U want Sir Mentally Unstable Canine #16:pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy:

im guessing he alredy took care of discord?

Most likely.. i mean infinite power or not discord is rather annoying in a fight

Not yet, he will definitely do so later on, but for the moment, Discord is the last thing on his mind. Taking revenge on Celestia and Luna is the formeost, but in the next chapter you will se his priorities change to something more personal.

The question is what is the limit to how power. Could be go back in time to when he got stoned and just live or is that beyond him

Next chapter a limit to his power will be revealed, and I bet you won't be able to guess it.

Limit on how much he can use at once or what he can do

Not even close, it isn't technically a limit to what he can do, but it does limit him greatly once he finds it.

so not a limit on how much power he has but a weird condition/limit on how or what way he can use it

A weird condition is correct, all I will say is that magic is a factor in his powers.

Can I just say that this all happened because Celestia and Luna don't know the difference between a threat and a joke.

Well don’t forget that Discord was powerful and this guy was throwing him around like a rag doll. Also, could you check out my blog and tell me what you think of my idea? I would read appreciate it.


That's true. But wouldn't someone who took down Discord not be evil. I mean if the character really was evil they would have waited until discord was defeated then struck because let's face it between discord and the princesses, Discord is the bigger threat.

The princesses acted without thinking, and when they saw how powerful he is, they didn't want to take any chances.

Please have tell the main six why he want to kill Celestia and Luna

I hate how at the beginning of the story main character seems to think realistically even if he has op powers and sees their potential but when he has a target, direction, revenge he doesn't do shit with them
He can do anything, teleport Celestia, Luna, Discord and other things but I see Idiot Ball

Is he gonna interact with the comments?

Him making his robbery flashy is just gonna get him found out quicker

No. Yes. (Sigh) What am I going to do with you?

Maybe so, but I love action and drama(plus I can always wear a mask to hide my identity, so no one can trace it back to me).

True, but be sure to wear gloves so you dont leave finger prints

Why not just follow the MIB procedure, they practically leave no fingerprints so who needs to wear glove?

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(reads description) You get a more sane version of Deadpool.

How long is this story is going to take and it takes so long and I like this story please make more chapter

He should meet up with the sirens, (maybe I missed that part of it was added), think about it, now that would make an interesting next chapter, keep it up!

Bruh, he forgot about his past life from madness???

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