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Note: There will be Spoilers for Bioshock: Infinite and Burial at Sea. Starts before Best Night Ever
After handling the Issue involving Booker Dewitt, the Lutece's decide to explore the different universes in existence, and handle anything that may arrive through leftover tears from Elizabeth. They eventually arrive at Equestria and decide to stay for a while and aid a certain unicorn.
Cover art by SpeedyandRose

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NO NOOOO not those two.:raritycry: They made my brain hurt with all of there questions in that game..........................I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!:pinkiehappy:

You sir, have my attention

Robert: The same coin.
Rosalind: A different perspective.
Robert: Heads.
Rosalind: Tails.
Robert: Dead.
Rosalind: Alive.

I always loved how they completed each others sentences all the time.

Come on please continue this :fluttercry: .

2746051 Don't worry all it is is a minor case of serious writer's block

Take it a little slower, expand the dialogue in detail, otherwise an excellent piece. Keep up the good work, and show me MOAR

A good idea is to kill off someone important, and then to use the dead, or alive question on Twilight.

Mind @#!@ all of the ponies I bet :pinkiecrazy:

3345552 sorry. was really distracted. currently working.

3581537 That's okay, just as long as it isn't dead.
You played Infinite's Burial at Sea: episode 1 yet?

3582636yeah and it seems like they're going to make a tradition out of confusing endings

3582817 Seems like it. I kinda figured it was the Comstock persona the second I saw booker shouting to give back his daughter with the alley BEHIND him.

interesting so far can't what to read more:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

I think they look quite good as ponies, or is it just me?

It pleases me. :unsuresweetie:

Update it or I will throw a Dalek at you.

It's been two years... Still waiting.

As nonsensical and sadly brief as they are in the game.

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