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I don't know how long I have been asleep. It feels like ages. I can't remember who I once was but I know its not who I am now.

The Sun, Moon, Love, Chaos, and Harmony have avatars. I guess I am the World's.

I don't remember who I was but I know who I am.

I have had many names Neltharion the Earth-Warder, The Black Scourge, The Cataclysm, The World itself Given form, but you may call me....


A displaced tale. Co-written with CrossRedstone.

Chapters 1-2 Edited by m2pt5/Emtu, Chapter 3 and 12 Edited by Word Worthy

Note: Actual Deathwing is used

Chapters (11)
Comments ( 250 )

Pecila: AWESOME! You're a huge dragon!

Also, Spook should be spoke I think.

that is all

Okay, need more of THIS!:pinkiehappy:
Also, editor. Punctuation, spelling and grammar are worse than mine is.

Twill be watching.

Oh damn, you caught my attention. Please continue. This story is very interesting.

that wasn't just a trailer...
i'll let Joshcorcher tell you about it

5838146 That is the best ending to a game ever!! hands down no contest I would buy that game just to see that video.
It was beautiful :fluttercry:

Much potential, we see this as much.

the current rates, if I remember them correctly, is $9.99 (US) for a single character per month, or $14.99 for up to 40 characters over 8 servers.

25 likes already? Sheesh, wish my own stories would get this much attention.
By the way, since I'm here, might as well inform our dear readers. Season 5 is still coming out. We want to include it, but at the same time we don't want to wait until a new episode is released for an update.
The story might get a little contradictory at some points.
By the way NUE, nice summary. Though I will say I prefered my ending of the chapter (insert pride here)

Yes Deathwing in equestria ^^, my second favorite of the five ^^ after Malygos ;P
lets see what will happen to this world

so very many typos. tor should be tore, tar should be tear, wounders should be wonders, form the Shadow should be from the shadow, spook should be spoke, fucking TWICE! I'm sure there were more.

5838974 Is it contradictory that the German dude and not the American dude is doing the editing?

As a Displaced story shouldn't this have a 'Human' tag as default even if he isn't human anymore :rainbowhuh:

5839022 considering a depressing amount of non-native english speakers speak it better than native speakers, not really.

Oh, this is gonna be good! :raritystarry:

Wonder if he just so OP he kills just by walking around...

5841209 I don't know but he did just alter the planet

"The main character has amnesia" cliche
Good chapter, can't wait till the next one! :pinkiehappy:

This is gonna be a great story!!!

5845377 Well, considering we do not know how long he slept in Deepholm, it's entirely possible but you are still correct:ajbemused:

Looking forward to the next chapter

5845473 Yea, you see I just watched some Cinema Sins so I'm can point out things like that with out realizing it so my bad if I sounded mean :twilightsheepish:

i could make some jokes about his alicorn form...but keep on forgetting them....
can someone else do it?

I think Deathwing is he only one that can pull off the Red and Black alicorn thing. I mean, he's Deathwing. Nuff said. :rainbowlaugh:

5845767 Celestia is equal to a human n size compare it to deathwing form the game

5846750 yes notice how we use Titan and Leviathan behemoth when talking about him it's his size

Next chapter, chaos! Mwahahahahaaaaa!

So, now we have an earth dragon in alicorn clothing. Cool!:pinkiehappy:

The pink pony hopped to them. "Hey you came just as I finished everything." Pinkie pie asked

Why did she asked? she said it normal.

She’s not a dragon like you, is she?”

you missed a "
but non the less awesome ^^.
Will we see more of him in his real form? Or will he stay Pony form?

5857214 He changes into pony from because its easy for him to interact with others however his real form will appear in the next chapter

We wonder how he may react to other displaced showing up from some manner or another?

5857279 That depends on who wants to meet him first? I know I also have Trevor but that's a silly pointless way to do it.

Trust Pinkie to figure out how to toast marshmallows using alicorns

for the record whenever some one new starts talking it should be a new paragraph. text between quotes is fine as long as theyre the same person (pony) saying them.

you casted

should just be cast

Oh don't worry it's just pinkie pie being pinkie pie.

Pinkie Pie, it's her name it needs capitals.

if you would like that is.

Forgot to cap a few names (mostly Pinkie Pie) but other then that, Awesome~

Damn. This looks epic. Are you planning on any crossover chapters soon? Since it is a Displaced story

5857964 A few, including myself. But that would just be asking a lot.

5857994 Oh then could you give me there links?

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