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Scootaloo has lead a hard life. It's not easy being a orphan. However that soon changes. Now she has a father and this wasn't who anypony expected. Now for her adopted father a question must be asked.

Can Discord a orphan himself be a father?

Co-Written with my good friend thunderclap

New Artwork is thanks to dtiger

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All of my yes! More!

Slaanesh ???? sheesh, over kill much ? perhaps someone a little kinder and gentler. Shoggoth or perhaps Cthulhu

Haha!! Of all the Scootaloo adoption stories, this one has the quickest adoption by far!

But that fine! Because it's the post-adoption story that's interesting.
Keep writing :scootangel::scootangel:

I like the idea of Discord becoming a parent for Scootaloo. But there happens really much in this short chapter that could have been longer.

I will keep an eye on it and give it a thump up. But I have to say, it's not enough for a fav from me.

6247519 Well yes because Discord also a Orphan himself, can he who never had anything to go by be a good dad?

If someone can help I'll be thankful

With what?

6247860 I may need a better cover art

did you write this for me?
well? didya? it looks like something I'd have written.
scootadopt discord fic. its like celestia herself decided i needed a little more hearths warming. in july.

Interesting, have a like

why is this a thing!? XD
like your not the first one to put these two together! for some reason i want to put something like this in my story but maybe a bit darker.
but i cannot wait to see this continue! i want to see everyones reaction! XD

i am very interested in this story i hope it continues and then doesn't suddenly stop like a few chapters in.

Interesting and a great concept I can't wait to see more

Okay. I had favorited this because it seemed interesting, but I didn't have the time to read it right then, but I didn't want to lose this. And I'm glad I did, because this is pretty darn good. Can't wait to see how this turns out.

There are lots of Rainbow Dash adopts Scootaloo. There are lots of Mane 6 adopts Scootaloo for that matter. But I have never never seen a Discord adopts Scootaloo. Have a favorite and a thumbs up for originality.

Yes! I need more! I love where this is going.

Now I'm intrigued

a little fast paced but interessting so far
i will keep track of this

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee- *gasp*-eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!:pinkiesmile:
So awesome!:yay::pinkiehappy::twilightsmile::raritystarry:
Just, all my yes.

Scootaloo been a orphan for most of her live. However all that changes one day. Now she has a father, everyone's favorite chaos entity Discord.

most of her life*

Your long description has a few awkward sentences too.

That's all, *poofs*

I like:pinkiehappy:

"Also don't touch any sword... I don't want to deal with the whole Khone," he warned.

Don't you mean Khorne?

why the hell should discord tell RAINBOW DASH how to get to his place and brag in WHENEVER SHE WANTS ....
he doesnt owe anyone anything ...

sorry shouldnt be hate comment haha
really like that story so far but i wanna see where it goes before faving it ^^

well they do have the best intentions for scootaloo i mean he isent exactly the kind of guy youd expect to be responsible. :P

another chapter XD
this is making me want to work that one story i have in my To do Bin XD

I like this. I do suggest Discord bottles one of his chocolate rain clouds for Scootaloo to share with her friends at school. And if she can now defy gravity... is she going to do stunts on her scooter that make extreme sports champions jealous??? I can't wait to see what other father/daughter adventures Discord and Scootaloo have. Especially the next bring your parent to school day.

in all honesty im surprised they are taking this THIS well. i mean youd expect Celestia to put everything on hold and be like "Hmmmm i sense a disturbance....oh damn it Discord!"

Fuzzy feelings. Fuzzy feelings everywhere.

6395295 Nice, I hope you liked to chapter :twilightsmile:

"Now is not the time for a sarcastic mental breakdown, Tia," Discod admonished

Thats right Celestia, dont get sarcastic with Discod
But seriously this is a good story and i cant wait for the next chapter to see Scootaloo comes to term with her actions and try to e-earn Discords trust. :scootangel:

6395476 Thanks for pointing that out. Also thanks for liking it :pinkiehappy:

Oh boy. This is not going to end well

Love it. Love everything about it.

Noticed a possible typo-

"I've keep most of my early memories locked away,

I think either "I keep" or "I've kept" is the correct way of saying it.

6396353 thanks for pointing that out

..... I'm honestly shocked Sweetie Belle, who seems to be the most detail oriented of the Crusaders, just grabbed something after Scootaloo said which ones Discord told her to never touch. Poor Scootaloo, she done goofed.

Q? Nice Star Trek: The Next Generation reference considering that is who Discord is based off of.

6462421 yes it is. Also any deity spirit or magical entity of chaos, disorder, insanity, mischief, or even unpredictable change is relatedto Discord and Discord them, of course this isn't in our traditional sense of family more of you are apart of me, I am you in this universe kinda way.

This is pretty cool make more please

Slaanesh :rainbowlaugh: I can only imagine what would happen

I would like to see Celestia and Luna's reaction to this. Especially Luna's, since she's spent multiple episodes keeping an eye on her.

Wow. Discord being a responsible parent. Never would have seen that coming.

6736570 You have to admit everypony expects him not to be so it should come as no surprise he is.

i can picture luna being all mother bear about it and watching the two like a hawk lol

6247415 try Sheogorath and his unhealthy obsession for cheese

True chaos is doing the upredictable so even if hes not trying to make chaos in equestria, he is going to thanks to the little fact that hes gonna be a good parent when literally no one on the planet except Fluttershy would think so.

He doesn't even try and he makes chaos :trollestia:

Oh. This is going to be GOOD:trollestia:

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