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After opening a rip in reality, thanks to keeping the mirror portal on, Discord finds himself with a new task. Asked by the Equestrian Council he is to explore the world beyond. Now he's reliving a part of his old life in traveling to the "New World" beyond.

Around the same time, The Great Tomb of Nazarick has appeared in the New World. Ainz Ooal Gown and the NPC turned real inhabitants have a much to learn about this world, and maybe conquer it because it sounds like fun.

What happens when these two cross paths is anyone's guess. Hopefully, the world will still make sense when it does.

Crossover with Overlord. Cover art temporary.

Chapters (3)

Waking up with no memories of his past the Spirit of Chaos, Discord finds himself lost at the Dawn of the Age of heroes on the planet Earth. With nothing better to do or anyway to find out how and why he decides to do something to keep from being bored.

He is now the Superhero known as Everfree! Yep he really calls himself that.

"Would he ever find the answers he seaks? Can he keep his selfesh voice at bay? And can he make Batman give up his brooding over his dead parents?"

"The answer is no now stop bugging me Discord!"

"Ok Fine."

Reboot of DC Comics: Discord, Spirit of Chaos

All right resevered to both Hasbro, and DC Comics, All chapters are Issue based.

Chapters (6)

A tale exists about a ancient force who moved across dimensions causing chaos and Discord wherever he when. In one realm he finally meet his match and was presumed gone for good.

However Marco discovers that you can kill the being, but you can not kill the idea. Now along with a princesses from a different dimension he got a insane chaos spirit living in his head.

Well at least it can't get worse right?

Crossover with Star vs The Forces of Evil
Co-written with The Cat Lord
Current cover art is given by Flygonial

Chapters (3)

I never thought that finding that object in the Everfree Forest would be turning point for me. I am Discord, Spirit of Chaos and one of this worlds many Protectors!

Being lost in another world without most of your magical power would seem like a curse. For Discord however it was a blessing in disguise. In this new world with a clean slate he finds himself becoming one of this worlds protectors. However the road to being a Hero is not a easy one.

He will raise above his past and into the future as Discord, Spirit of Chaos!

Crossover with DC Comics, and Spiritual Reboot to Chaotic Will.

Note: Issue based Chapters, I do not own DC Comics or MLP, in need of cover art.

Now being Rewritten

Chapters (6)

This was Co-written with FrostTheWolf He also the one who came up with the idea.

Why me?

Dawn didn't expect to get sent to a world of ponies. Who really though they would be banished to such a world? However after checking out a new book. Well you should knew what happens.

Hopefully I can get used to this

Displaced Fic

Chapters (2)

This story is a sequel to Chaos is Displaced. The Tale of Loki!

Home is where my heart is, now I just have to find it. You know in a Void of Infinite realities. This should be "Fun".

After defeating the evil Twilight, Loki now lost in the void. Unable to find his Equestria he is forced to travel though the void itself.

Can he make a difference as the newly titled God of Balance, or would he fail to live up to the name?

All in all with two voices in his head a least he wouldn't go bored.

Co-written with thunderclap

Chapters (14)

Scootaloo has lead a hard life. It's not easy being a orphan. However that soon changes. Now she has a father and this wasn't who anypony expected. Now for her adopted father a question must be asked.

Can Discord a orphan himself be a father?

Co-Written with my good friend thunderclap

New Artwork is thanks to dtiger

Chapters (3)

This story is a sequel to Discord Trolls Humanity

Discord continues his trolling across the multiverse. How many worlds are effected by this unstoppable force of chaos? Ask his victims, or better yet read this story!

Warning: Don't take this story seriously!

Chapters (1)

Warning: Spoilers of Jurassic World

It was to be the greatest find ever. Dinosaurs were something long since turned to bones. However a perfectly persevered Dinosaur was found.

It was to well preserved. Now the greatest hunter ever to walk the planet is free in Equestria. However this wasn't any normal Dinosaur.

In fact it wasn't even natural. Can the nation peace and harmony survive the greatest predator ever?

Indominus Rex!

tags will be explained in future chapters.

Chapters (4)

Celestia, Luna and Discord. Three ancient beings in equestrian history. However why is Celestia and Luna princesses and not Queens? Also why did Discord conquer Equestria?

The answer to these questions have the same answer. One Mare, one Alicorn, their Mother Lauren Faust.

I really shouldn't have picked up that medal

Special Thanks to The Fan Without a Face for helping me with this.

A Special Displaced Tale

Now uncancelled.

Chapters (4)