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For everyone that loves MLP stories that has dragons in them.

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How about ALDUIN the world eater

Hello does Wargreymon count as maybe part dragon

All Hail the Reptiles of the Sky:rainbowdetermined2:!

hi i made a group but you guy or girl whatever would not wont to join i get it no worse no one would want to it is okay k bye

I have a story with an OC who can transform into a dragon... I was wondering if that counts?

Hello, my draconian brethren, I have arrived.

This group needs a bad @ss song for bad @ss dragons this is my recommendation...

I guess I just have to be here too, then.
Dragons can be awesome and pretty cool, if portreid just right.
I have a few stories, including the latest I managed to slip past the mods on this wonderfull MLP site.

So, do we ask before sending a fic here? I am currently writing one that fits your Dragon criteria pretty well. I like the way it's coming so far, and I'm 30k words in. Feel free to check it out. :pinkiehappy:

I'm thinking of starting my first fic and I'm looking for 3 dragonesses

299373 fuck yeah me too

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