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Hello fellow MLP fans the name's MAD, fellow author and brony, and I'm a great fan of Spike stories, specially SpiLights....

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Anime rules.... · 7:42am Dec 5th, 2014

I kept forgetting this each time I watch anime you must admit sometimes you do to.....
The 100 Laws of Anime

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Hey thanks for favoriting The Hearth's Warming Surprise I appreciate it :twilightsmile:

Yo man just a bit busy with school but I have a good hangin...

Sup bro

KO thanks for adding my story into your favorites and hope you’ll enjoy reading it as well as you click the thumbs up button and tell all your friends about it! :pinkiehappy:(X50):rainbowdetermined2:(X40)

In A Different World With My Smartphone isn't deleted, somebody removed the story and I can't get it back up until the second chapter is released. Sorry.

Lets just say I'll be doing Gate stories for a while

I can understand and respect that. It's great to hear from you again I'm excited to see what you'll do with your stories.

Me? Been trying to get back to college but with things getting hecktic here I'm a little preoccupied right now

Been doing well bro. Working, playing video games and reading and writing. More reading then writing but I really need to get on that. And you old friend?

Been a while old friend.

Thanks for favoriting A Dragon's Heart

Thanks for favoriting "Spike meets Mimikyu!":twilightsmile:

Do you think you ever be able to update a Comet or Deep Depression?

how's it going duderino?

  • Viewing 114 - 133 of 133
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