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An entire group dedicated to the very best of Spike-centric stories out there in FIMFiction! Whether it be shipping, adventure, comedy, just as long as Spike is a central character, it belong here!

I think we can agree that Spike is certainly awesome in many ways, I mean, he's a dragon...

And he hangs out with ponies...

And he's got a bunch of awesome FIMfics out there just waiting to be discovered!

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You've probably found it already, but on the slim chance you're still looking I think this is what you're looking for.


May your soul be chaotic.

Hello I am look for some help.

The story I am look for is about spike as the king of the dragon and that he is pretending to be Evil so spike and keep the mane 6 happy and friend for a long time but spike see that the Mane 6 are only together when they have to fights a evil person so spike becomes the Evil and keep the mane 6 happy, also spike has to fights all the dragon and becomes the king.

If anybody can tell me the name or a Link to the story pleas tell me.

Green Light DragonFire
A Timeless Travel, hun? Let's see about that.
So we have Spike starring his own show, this just smells awesome.

Holy shit...I don't remember inducting Spike: The Last Draconian in here!:pinkiegasp:

Peeps really enjoy it!?

I thought everyone who reads it is just a little troll with picnic basket, throwing little Pb&Fuck-you sandwiches!:trollestia:

Oh, and to the faithful reading this...Remember that bucket of popcorn I told you to get before reading it?

Yeah....Well....See if you can get a Whopper meal too.:twilightoops:

I just love joining groups.....:pinkiehappy:

Sorry for disappearing for so long guys! Kinda forgot about this group. Never really expected it to take off as it did! In any case, I'm a writer, I don't really know much about this "group" stuff or threads or website issues or anything like that, so if anyone is willing to dedicate some of their time to helping out with the group, I'm looking for a few good ponies to carry on as admins in my absence! I mean, not like my absence really affects the group, but whatevs!

296670 Clearly, that mean's all Admin's are gone. So, it's anarchy.

Just kidding. I have not a clue with you're problem, but good luck!

I don't know where I can post this, but I've been having an issue with the site lately.

Whenever I try to submit a new story it says:

Error X
Permissions required for this action were not met (action: submitting story)

Does somebody know what's going on?

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