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Do you like Spike fanfictions? Do you think that Spike needs more fanfictions? If you do, then join this club! Post any Spike fics you write here, or you can read stories about your favorite little purple dragon!

However, for a fic to be in this group, it must meet at least one of the following requirements:

1. Feature Spike as the main character.
2. Feature Spike as a prominent addition to the story.
3. Revolve around Spike in some way.

Happy writing!

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Can someone remove the "Thomas and friends" story from this group? They don't even have a #spike tag in them.

Comment posted by RealRandomTM deleted May 17th, 2020

I'm glad I can help!:yay:

YUUUUS thank you lol, spent so long looking for it and searching with different tags.

I believe this is the story you're looking for.:pinkiehappy:
It's a great oldie.

And I'm looking for another story, spike has left ponyville and lives in the dragonlands with his harem, one of the dragons in his harem end up finding scootaloo near their territory and take her to spike, he leaves to return her to ponyville and while he does that his harem is killed by gryphons.

I'm here lookin for a story, the plot is diamond dogs kidnap ponies and spike saves them, but someone lost an eye so he gives them his, I can't remember the title, help a brother out here lol.

If you like Spike check out my group Spike the Awesome. Don't forget to read the group description

I would love to see more of the other spike shipping's than rather seeing spike x rarity because it's not fair that other spike shipping's don't get chances but spike x rarity is to much we need to put a stop to spike x rarity because we need more of the other spike shipping's and no more spike x rarity please lets take a break from spike x rarity and please help the other spike shipping's i belive in all of you😢😞

hey guys i am looking for fanfic that are spike is stolen by susnset shimmer as egg i mean i know its here but idk what its called

Comment posted by Peace Poet deleted May 4th, 2019

I would love to see spike x skystar stories

This site doesn’t feel dead to me

Darn hit wrong thing

hi im making a story i was hoping that someone would pre-read it for me

Hey, um. Has anyone seen a Spike x Everyone fic where Spike was together with one different mare each chapter? One with a Twivine Sparkle Chapter in it?

Comment posted by Peace Poet deleted Apr 18th, 2019

I believe I is just called ‘friendship’

Lets face it...Spike is the doormat of the whole series:ajsleepy:. He doesn't get enough credit...:applecry:.

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