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Do you like Spike fanfictions? Do you think that Spike needs more fanfictions? If you do, then join this club! Post any Spike fics you write here, or you can read stories about your favorite little purple dragon!

However, for a fic to be in this group, it must meet at least one of the following requirements:

1. Feature Spike as the main character.
2. Feature Spike as a prominent addition to the story.
3. Revolve around Spike in some way.

Happy writing!

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hi im making a story i was hoping that someone would pre-read it for me

Hey, um. Has anyone seen a Spike x Everyone fic where Spike was together with one different mare each chapter? One with a Twivine Sparkle Chapter in it?

I've only been a Brony for 3 years now, and my main focus is on basically one of my favorite dragons on MLP, and that's Spike. Spike has been growing up little by little, but he has matured since then. He's Twilights assistant and first friend, savior of the Crystal Empire, and Friendship Ambassador. Sure, Twilight Sparkle, the bearers of the Elements of Harmony, Starlight Glimmer, Sunset Shimmer, and the rest of the ponies of Equestria are good friends of Spike, but a few things are missing from him. Ever since the episode Secret to my Excess, I think Twilight, and the rest of her see Spike differently. I would've excluded Twilight, even though she did hatched Spike from his egg from the School of Magical Unicorns, and she does take care of him, no matter how hard she tried not to, she would also treat Spike a little different. Season 8 had one episode that made Spike shine and grow up more, and that's Molt Down, to me, is one of the best Spike episodes in the series. But the worst Spike episode to me is Father Knows Beast. Sure,it had some good jokes and other funny things in it, but Sludge pretending, using, and lying to Spike, was crossing the line! First, Sludge told Spike that he was his father, then used Spikes good heart to stay and live with him in Twilights Castle, and thanks to Sludge, Spike broke Twilights heart by telling her that he finally has a real parent. I couldn't be mad at Spike for what he said, but it broke my heart for what he said to Twilight. Later on, Spike and Smolder made a plan to see how Sludge would react to moving to a cave instead of a comfortable castle. Sludge didn't like that, and knowing jig was up, he finally said the words that made me hate the episode and Sludge forever, "I'm not your father!" I almost wanna go in the tv screen and tear Sludge apart, and thank Hasbro once again, for ridiculing Spike. Spike did apologize to Twilight, and all was forgiven. I really, really, REALLY hope that Spike finds his REAL parents, and finally gets the true respect he rightfully deserves on Season 9. I read all the Spike fanfics, and they're amazing! Spike is probably the main reason why I joined the fandom, and I'm glad I did.

I believe I is just called ‘friendship’

Lets face it...Spike is the doormat of the whole series:ajsleepy:. He doesn't get enough credit...:applecry:.

Yeah it sounds like a cool story to write about and it would be interesting to see the main six's reaction to the new and improved spike.

Hey I,m trying to find a story where spike fallows twlight to school and gets attacked by the onther ponies and his the first dragon to be raised amongst ponies I guass?

Alright, here's a challenge to any writers. An AU in which Spike is the father to the mane six. Is there any writer that can take this challenge?

hey guys guys I been thinking that I should write a mlp and Dr strange where spike runs away from twilight before monving to ponyville and he get the eye of agamotto and becomes more powerful than celestia so should I do it?

Comment posted by Peace Poet deleted February 19th

Hey guys I need your help I am trying to find a story were spike runs into a girl named misty who offers spike a new life and not being afraid of the main 6 can anyone help me please.

Name and also link please

Hello I need some help

I’m looking for a story called hearts of a dragon where it ships Spike and Rarity together and Spike is a pony in it.

Hello I am look for some help.

The story I am look for is about spike as the king of the dragon and that he is pretending to be Evil so spike and keep the mane 6 happy and friend for a long time but spike see that the Mane 6 are only together when they have to fights a evil person so spike becomes the Evil and keep the mane 6 happy, also spike has to fights all the dragon and becomes the king.

If anybody can tell me the name or a Link to the story pleas tell me.

Comment posted by Peace Poet deleted Dec 3rd, 2017
Comment posted by Catseye deleted Nov 15th, 2017

Okay. I've been in this group for a while, but never posted a story on spike because I wasn't sure if I could or shouldn't though. So thanks.

Go for it. If it fits, throw it in.

Hey, will it be alright if I add one of my spike stories here?

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