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Do you like Spike fanfictions? Do you think that Spike needs more fanfictions? If you do, then join this club! Post any Spike fics you write here, or you can read stories about your favorite little purple dragon!

However, for a fic to be in this group, it must meet at least one of the following requirements:

1. Feature Spike as the main character.
2. Feature Spike as a prominent addition to the story.
3. Revolve around Spike in some way.

Happy writing!

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If I put Spike in my fanfic but he's not the main character and appears later in the book and has some scenes will it be allowed in this group?

Thank You so much for putting My history here! I wasn't so sure about it, but is good to see that atleast some people enjoy it β™₯️

There's no discord link :(

Right so I'm trying to find this Fanfiction I read ages ago. Problem is that I can hardly remember it. All I remember is that it was a Spike x Queen Chrysalis. Chrysalis has sisters and they all have mates except for Chrysalis. It's also mentioned that when a changeling queen mates they and there children take on traits of the father, such as fire breathing. If anyone remembers the name of the fic please tell me or send me a link as I can't find it.

Hey guys just joined the group and just stared writing my own fanfiction it would be my first time writing so constructive criticism is very much welcomed:twilightblush:

If anyone's interested I created a forum a while about an alternate ending to O.W.T.E.W., Me along with a fellow member came up with a possible plot that even features Luna & S.A.. I can provide the link if needed.

I want to see someone make this were the mane 6 and spike get launched with other universe to meet each other and learn from each other life lessons.
Here are some of the universe I wouldn't mind seeing meet
The spike tragic stories by dante24
The girls of my life duality by wildcard25
Harem king and legion by wildcard25
Maximum overlord,Dragonlance and dragon kin by underrated drake

It would be amazing firm each other to learn about there diffrent relationships how diffrent each ithers worlds are and even how they may be the same people but live diffrent lives and relationships

True i used to be a sparity shipper but now even I had enough. My sparity shipping only lasted 6 months but after that i started pondering a lot and started finding twispike and spikebelle more my forte. I still support sparity but not as much as I used to. Its hard to see them getting together realistically speaking. Sparity is too surreal for me nowadays.

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Thank you sadly I don't know how to write a fanfic

The idea sounds crazy, which I really like. I would love to see a story like this!

hey can someone read this i want to know if its a good story idea

spike as inspector gadget and the rise of M.A.D!?

this idea came from me re-watching inspector gadget and the flop of a movie that Disney made for him and its squeal. the story's plot is spike was helping twilight in her lab when a blast of raw magic hit a reactive chemical. In a flash an explosion happened twilight was able to protect herself but forgot about spike when she remembered it was to late. spike would be consumed by the explosion and his scales and his inner organs,bones and tissue would be damaged on the cellular level. In a panic she would teleport him to the hospital and contact the other girls. after a while of trying the doctors could help spike seeing the chemical and the raw magic blast was preventing any sort of healing spell to properly work. they would claim he would have a few hour maybe minutes if they can't somehow get through that. In a panic twilight when to everyone she knew that could possible help spike. Nothing was working and spike was breathing less and less. then out of no were dr.hooves asked if he could help. he would claim he could help spike and cure him if they allowed him to take spike to his lab. In all her desperation she allowed him. once he got the news he took spike and began his work. hr found out that spike wouldn't survive with his inners like this. So he came up with an idea with his own made synthetic crystal heart he made and some spare gadget and gizmos he had laying around he would upgrade spike from the ordinary dragon he once was.

this is the story idea if your asking about M.A.D and Dr claw i have really gotten any idea who or how i will do it so please leave a comment on who i should make dr.claw be and how they would start the m.a.d agency.

hey i have some ideas of some good spike fanfics could someone lend a ear to see if there any good.

Alright here might be a fun challenge a au where spike is sent to ponyville instead twilight and he becomes the element magic instead of her.

Happy New Year everybody!!!!!!!!πŸΎπŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸ₯³πŸŽ†πŸŽ‡

How do I add a story?

Can someone remove the "Thomas and friends" story from this group? They don't even have a #spike tag in them.

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