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Do you like Spike fanfictions? Do you think that Spike needs more fanfictions? If you do, then join this club! Post any Spike fics you write here, or you can read stories about your favorite little purple dragon!

However, for a fic to be in this group, it must meet at least one of the following requirements:

1. Feature Spike as the main character.
2. Feature Spike as a prominent addition to the story.
3. Revolve around Spike in some way.

Happy writing!

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Ok anyone can make this, what if spike was a secret agent trained by princess Celestia and assigned to watch and monitor twilight given her mentally unstable and destructive moments?:moustache:

Spike is awesome I adore the little guy i just cant even stand that spike take to much abused in some cases like the episode Winter Wrap up where Spike was sleeping on a block of ice and it look like it was about to melt no didn't even pull Spike to shore instead they just laugh really!? SERIOUSLY!? How rude can they get i mean what if Spike couldn't swim and drowned to his death will Twilight and the others still thinks that its funny NO! i would save him my self even if using my L-Drago save the guy in the process:facehoof:

I can't wait until next week's episode! The dragons are gonna return, Spike's gonna try to earn the title Dragon Lord to save his friends, and after all the awesome things he did in the premiere, it just made this episode even more promising! He'll get the character development he deserves! If Spike becomes Dragon Lord, he could unite ponies and dragons! He could show dragons friendship! Perhaps there'll even be another good dragon in the episode! One can hope! So are you as excited for this episode as I am? :pinkiehappy:

I'm a big fan I been here for a few weeks and its been awesome hope every one like's it too:moustache:

Hello everyone. I'm new here. And I just want to say that I love Spike to. :twilightsmile:

Response much appreciated, i have already found out a couple of days ago how to, i already added it if you want to read it's called Never Broken, grimdark story featuring mostly Spike, it's in Main, Dark and Gore. If you got any input for me it would be much appreciated:twilightsmile:

Go to what folder you want to post it in, then click the 'add story' button, then chose your story :twilightsmile: I'll read it now!

Hey people, just joined this group (didn't know there was a Spike dedicated group, glad to see there is)

Just one question?
How do i post a fanfic on this group? I'm 4 chapters into one already submitted. Is there a certain way? Or do i just join the group and that's it?

Sry, still kind of a noob on FimFiction:twilightsheepish:

proofreading and
editing service

PM me with any requests


hey if you like star wars pony fic I made a group. their is no story on it but I mean you could write a story if you want. you post chapters by clicking submit

You know, I'd make my own story with Spike if I just had an idea of what I wanted to do. Spike is my favorite character and even have an OC that's more or less a father figure to Spike in which the two goes on lots of adventures when Spike isn't present in some of the episodes of MLP. It's not that I don't have an idea, it's just that I honestly never written a story before. Wouldn't know where to start, to be honest. I guess I could use some pointers about that as well.

I need help don't know how to write chapters and then post them on my storie

Comment posted by joshua212 deleted Nov 10th, 2014

371305 2k and counting :moustache:
364955 Interesting idea, there had to be a reason, right. He seems to like swiming, even in lava.

:heart: I posted a few Spiked stories, hope they will make it here.

Spike is best pony and not even a pony.

1,900 Stories :rainbowderp:

I have add my first story here because I am addicted to spike. the story is called Time goes on forever, but memories are never forgotten. Located in the tragedy/sad section, Hope you enjoy.:pinkiecrazy:

Comment posted by KillERRKAI deleted Aug 16th, 2014
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