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Fool's Diamond and Thanks · 5:31am Nov 18th, 2013

So I'm finally getting back into writing after such a long time, hope I'm not too rusty. I want to finish my very first work of fiction at some point in my life. Also, I'd like to thank everyone for being so patient with me over this time, it hasn't been such a good year for myself and my bills. So thanks fellow bronies, hope you guys are ready for the Season 4 premier! :twilightsmile:

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Tea or coffee?

Hope you're feeling a lot better now.


Hey there all 20 followers. I'm glad to announce that I finally won the battle against an intestinal disease that required a lot of medical attention. I hope y'all aren't too frustrated with me for not having worked on my fanfic in a long time, it's been stressful keeping up with work along with the illness and the medical bills. Even though my fanfic isn't that good in the first place (At least to me) I promise I'll finish it. What sort of mediocre writer would I be if I just simply abandoned my very first story like that? And also, just because I haven't written anything, doesn't mean I haven't thought up some ideas for the story! Hope it doesn't disappoint, keep on reading bronies! :ajsmug:

Hey LK I like Fool's Diamond and still waiting on your update:fluttercry::ajsleepy:


Thanks! Next chapter should be up sometime tonight. Glad you liked it.

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