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A new idea! · 12:05am March 21st

Have you... ever had an idea, that was sorta a bad one?

Like, you thought there were a lot of reasonably exciting things that could be done with it, and thought the characters could be explored in an interesting way... But it's starring mostly not-very-popular characters?

And then it was taking those characters and taking them out of the environment that most people who would be interested in those characters would want to see them in, and put them in one they probably should never be put in?

And then you wrote it anyway, and did so with less hesitation than many of your well-planned out ideas?

For those of you who do read multiple of my stories, I'm still working on False Heroes, and I'm still committed to actually finishing Mantle... I have pieces of a chapter helping to explain things, that I'm trying to see if I can't assemble better than in infodumps but not succeeding.

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How have you been?

2418894 read the blog post; still interested.

if you need any help at all, I know I'm not talented, but I'd be willing to help.

Well, it's not a Spike story. I have a blog post about it, if you want to see what it's about... and why I'm dubious about it.

Still gonna post it once I have the summaries.

2418879 A new story from you? I'm beyond excited!

Salright. Preparing to publish a new story. Sup witchoo?

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