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A dirty rotten liar.

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After a short break · 4:33am February 4th

So, I took a short break from writing A Rich Everglow adventure to write myself a oneshot. It's something I try a little between several different chapters, try brainstorming or dabbling in writing something else.

(Or occasionally trying to continue my on pause stories. I'm probably close to calling it a day forever for Mantle. The remaining )

But I've finished the first draft of the WiP name: I'll Be Haunting You.

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:rainbowderp:But wait if your Radically Dishonest and a dirty rotten liar, then your telling the truth, and so not a liar???:rainbowhuh:

How have you been?

2418894 read the blog post; still interested.

if you need any help at all, I know I'm not talented, but I'd be willing to help.

Well, it's not a Spike story. I have a blog post about it, if you want to see what it's about... and why I'm dubious about it.

Still gonna post it once I have the summaries.

  • Viewing 73 - 77 of 77
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