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A dirty rotten liar.

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In case you didn't know, a story is written · 1:49pm Jul 3rd, 2019

So in case anybody here wanted to, like, read a story written at least in part by me.

And wasn't aware.

I'm writing:

TBind on Pickup
What do Spike, Garble, and Smolder have in common, besides being dragons? They've been summoned to another world at the behest of a needy adventurer who thinks her fortunes are turning with their arrival. No one involved is ready for what comes next.
David Silver · 162k words  ·  201  16 · 2.9k views

Alongside the guy who posted it, who I like to hang out with and we've been talking about trying this for a while now.

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You think you're sooooo cool just because you're an admin!? Well you're not!

:rainbowderp:But wait if your Radically Dishonest and a dirty rotten liar, then your telling the truth, and so not a liar???:rainbowhuh:

How have you been?

2418894 read the blog post; still interested.

if you need any help at all, I know I'm not talented, but I'd be willing to help.

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