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"For fun" is the best reason to do anything. "The best" is the best way to do everything.

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Having been a fan since the first quarter of 2012, MyHobby finally decided that participating in the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fandom wasn't nearly as weird as he had at first thought. Deciding to share his not-weirdness with the entire Internet, he registered on to FIMFiction.net in order to publish his works without all of that silly "working with an actual publishing company" stuff.

He also decided that his best legal defense was to stick his head between his knees and kiss his portly rump goodbye. He hopes to this day that Hasbro will not notice the nerd currently making himself a nuisance around the Internet, and wishes them many a long season to come.

He seems to be physically unable to work on any one story at a time. Eesh.

Pinkie Pie is his hero, just saying.

So is Rainbow Dash, but slightly less so.

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In the Absence of Twilight Sparkle - News! · 9:00pm May 10th

I'd like to start by making apologies for going dark on this story for so long. I never intended to abandon it, and I allowed the silence to snowball until you all probably thought I was gonna quietly cancel it.

I'm not going to quietly cancel it.

Because it's not cancelled. It's going on hiatus.

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So no stories about Griffons using the Kaboom Kapowsky powder to blast boulders? Unless it do,and is simply not enough to happen in a separate story.

ohhh...well, then, i'll have to read more.

Of course! It's a continuation of their story, not an overwriting of it. They're all lifelong friends who meet with each other regularly, even though Rarity's moved to Canterlot and Rainbow Dash moved back to Cloudsdale. They're not gonna let a little thing like distance destroy the friendship that saved the world.:pinkiesmile:

Will the mane six still be friends?


what would be a good place to start in the Hearts Continuity? and what is it about exactly?

The Heart's Promise continuity is about the world of Equestria as it may appear in the near-future, from seven to, say, fifteen years in the future. It's a grabbag of various styles and genres, but they're all part of the same ongoing storyline. My plan from the onset was to have a series of stories that were stand-alone. You can really read them in any order, barring the ones labeled as sequels.

For starting it, it depends on what you want to read. For example:

Lord Mayor Applejack is a comedic drama about Applejack travelling with Celestia to a meeting of world leaders. A human has found its way to Equestria, and the world leaders need to figure out what to do with it, how to communicate with it, and how not to kill each other in the process. You see, the world leaders do not really like each other. Conflict erupts as Applejack just tries to make sense of everything.

Scootaloo Will Fly! is a slice-of-life story about Scootaloo and Ponyville. It's about exploring her character, her friends, and her family. We see a lot of world-building for Ponyville itself in this story, as well as getting a look at what the Cutie Mark Crusaders may be like as teenagers.

DayBreak is a political action thriller with violent battles, heartbreaking interpersonal drama, political intrigue, and loads of lore. Princess Celestia is nearly assassinated by a pony thought long dead, and it is up to Twilight Sparkle to assemble Daring Do, Time Turner and others to track the villain down and defeat her. While Celestia is out of commission, Luna is left alone to lead Equestria in these hard times. As the story goes, our heroes find that the assassin has far more sinister intentions than mere regicide.

Each of these stories represents a large part of The Heart's Promise continuity: The comedy, the drama, and the action. Each one is stand-alone, and each one is an excellent starting point for getting a peek into the series.

But seriously, most of these stories work as a starting point. :twilightsmile:

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