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Most ponies know of the two divisions of the Equestrian Guard. They know of the Royal Guard, splendid and golden, ever dedicated to their service to Equestria under the command of Princess Celestia. And ponies know of the Night Guard, silent and swift, ever serving the sovereign of the night, Princess Luna.

But there is a third, and lessor known division. Few know of the Dusk Guard: A small, select group of specially chosen ponies, serving both Princesses on assignments too strange, different, or dangerous for anypony else. Few know of their adventures, their successes, and their triumphs.

Few until now.

This is a group dedicated to the adventures of the Dusk Guard. Whether you're a long time fan who wants a place to chat about the team and share your theories and fan-creations, or a newcomer looking for the adventure and excitement brought by one of the most popular Guard adventure series, the Dusk Guard group is where you'll want to be!

Newcomers, please check the rules post in the forum!

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Pony Spec Ops? Hell Yeah!!!!:flutterrage:

I have been meaning to dig into these stories for a while now. This gives me the spur I need to actually pull them up and READ. :)

SF version of the guard? I'm game.

Welcome all! The Dusk Guard FimFic group is now open for business! Discuss! Debate! Share favorites! Enjoy!

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