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Viking ZX

Author of Science-Fiction and Fantasy novels! Oh, and some fanfiction from time to time.

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The end arrives in this epic conclusion to the UNSEC Space Trilogy!

Mankind stands on the edge of a precipice. The All sweep across colony worlds, consuming everything in their path. Earth has recalled her fleets to Sol, abandoning its charges. Pisces, her independence won, now stands alone as a foe unlike any other threatens from the dark. It is not a question of if the All will attack, but when.

Reunited at last, Jake, Anna, and Sweets again find their skills called upon, this time by the new leadership of Pisces. A desperate plan has been conceived, an all-or-nothing long shot out into the darkness of unexplored space to find a means of reactivating the artificial world beneath their feet. If Pisces' weapons can be brought online there remains a chance that the relentless force of the All can be stopped before it extinguishes the light of mankind forever.

If. Threats move against them from all sides. The All has set its own plans in motion, determined to finish the work it began so long ago. UNSEC and Earth plot from the shadows, uncompromising under Eidre's vision of a unified empire with Sol at the center, and willing to do anything to bring Pisces back into the fold—even burn it to ashes.

The Trio's final journey has begun ... and it's an adventure unlike anything you've ever read before.



A Slightly Newer Update · 11:19pm Yesterday

I'm on mobile, so rather than copying over everything (which is a little finicky) here's the link to the latest.

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Just thought it worth saying here... Max, I really enjoy reading your stories. :twilightsmile:
While your original fiction is among my all time favorites (especially your current trilogy!) I have enjoyed every moment of reading your fanfiction here. :raritywink:
Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us! :pinkiehappy:

bold statement claiming that you’re all of reality :p

The best places are A) the social spaces you hang out at in the real world and B) online social places that allow it, such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit/forums (check the rules) or other locations where people will be conversing about books.

would you happen to know a place to plug indie author books?

Happy new year. May 2020 be a memory filled one.

Thank you for every smile your story bring me in past,present&future :raritystarry:

You're welcome!:twilightsheepish: I had quite a bit of fun doing them!

Hey that's awesome! And much appreciated! I'll put up a post on it tomorrow! Thank you!!! :pinkiehappy:

  • Viewing 184 - 193 of 193
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