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Viking ZX

Author of Science-Fiction and Fantasy novels! Oh, and some fanfiction from time to time.


Latest Published Work

Shadow of an Empire

A sweeping "Wild-West" Fantasy Epic full of magic, mystery, and adventure!

Salitore Amazd is an imperial adjudicator, an enforcer of the law and keeper of the peace across the vast, desert stretches of the Indrim Empire's southern reaches known as the Outlands. For Sali, the job means long days in the saddle, constant travel, and hours of rugged, wilderness beauty far from the intrigue and politicking of the empire's core.

Until a trainload of convicted prisoners, led by a noble named Nirren, vanishes from a high-security engine in an unprecedented escape, leaving behind only bodies, confused survivors, and a public letter accusing Sali of being a co-conspirator ... as well as a fellow idealist in their forthcoming revolution. An accusation with no evidence, but more than enough to turn the public eye of the empire in his direction.

Now forcibly partnered with Meelo Karn, a member of the imperial inquisition with her own ties to the convicts, it's up to both of them to track down Nirren and his gang before they engulf the Outlands in a political firestorm that burns it to the ground. Be it wild animals, unfriendly locals, or even encounters with the enigmatic, steam-driven Grey Knights ... Sali and Meelo have a call to deliver justice.

And justice will be done.

Writing Guides

All writing guides are found in their complete, searchable forms at my site.

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Horizontal and Vertical Storytelling
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Forward, Pioneers
Escalating Tension
Character and Setting with Small Details
Audience and Shifting Reader Culture
Ending Type Variety and Planning Ahead
Order of Operations
Getting in the Zone
The Keystone
Keeping Things Moving and In Context
References and Pop Culture
Five Things Non-Writers Should Know
The Heavy Hand of the Writer
Detailing Characters
Fleshing Out Ideas - From Idea to Story
Empathy for Your Characters
Unbelievable Reality
OP-ED: Fixing Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
What Makes a Protagonist?
Digging Deeper With Characters
Micro-Blast #4
Don't Neglect Your Backdrop
Time(line) Management
Gradual Character Development
Commissions and Writing to be Popular
The Death Spiral
Balancing Readers' Suspension of Disbelief
Empty Details
Working in Important Little Details
Leaving a Good Review
Balancing a Returning Character
Characters with Weaknesses
Story Bibles and Other Forms of Organization
Connecting with Characters
Don't Rush
Static Backdrop
Avoiding a Sagging Middle
My Personal Editing Process
Character Relations
Sanderson's Three Laws of Magic
Giving Characters a Leitmotif
Building Magic Systems
Body Language
Writing a Mentor
Author Morals and Story Theme
Writing Warfare
Considering Theme and Message
Opening Pandora's Music Box
Playing Out Your Puzzle Pieces
Author Morals and Character Morals
Micro-Blast #3
Sentence Construction and "Run-ons"
On Writing About Race
Character Motivations
The Process of Editing
Tense and PoV Choice
The Meandering Story
Likable Unlikable Characters
Some LTUE Tidbits
Some Advice for Starting Your First Book
Unreliable Narrators
Said and Other Repetitive Words
Beginning Anew
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Always Keep Learning
The Thought Process
Should I Build a Plot Structure?
Is It Original or Copying?
Creative? Or Copy?
Keeping Motivation on Longer Works
Why Do We Like Something?
Active and Passive Voice
Setting Sights Higher
Ideas and Education
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Fanfiction: School or Crutch?
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Pacing, Again
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Common Problems with Character Emotion
Character Descriptions
Character Versus Plot
Micro-Blast #1
What's a Memorable Scene?
Worldbuilding Colloquialisms
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Real-Life Example: Breaking the Rules
Opinion: Authors and Self-Promotion
Underpowered and Overpowered Characters
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Being a Better Reader
Opinion: The Digital Future of Writing
That Opening Chapter - Part 1
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I, Villain
"High-Class" Literature and Shakespeare
Show Versus Tell
Showing Character through Dialogue
The Hard Road of OCs
Character Growth and Conflict
Writing Outside Your Experience
Worldbuilding—Part 2
Worldbuilding—Part 1
Character Development and Character Growth
The Narrative Hook, the Story Hook, and Others
The Prologue
How to Be a Good Critic
How I Build My Characters
Assembling Chekov's Armory - Part 2
Assembling Chekov's Armory - Part 1
Puzzle Pieces and Endings
The Art of Misdirection


The Countdown (A News Post) · 10:01pm Last Friday

Three Days to Jungle

Three days, people. Not counting today, since it’s halfway gone for most already. Three. Days.

And then Jungle drops.

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You're welcome!:twilightsheepish: I had quite a bit of fun doing them!

Hey that's awesome! And much appreciated! I'll put up a post on it tomorrow! Thank you!!! :pinkiehappy:

I come bearing fanarts (which is a bit random, but... eh)

It'd still be in your e-mail inbox (probably just hasn't arrived yet) but check out Being a Better Writer. Five years of weekly articles on every writing topic imaginable.

Sorry I delete my my forum so I didn’t see your comment. What did you say?

You're welcome! Enjoy!

Thank you for your recommendation
"Shadow of an Empire."
And "Tirek is doomed."
It is.

Thanks for taking a look! For fanfiction, I'd say start with The Dusk Guard Saga: Rise if you are ready to dive right in, and Tirek is Doomed or Why Me? if you'd like to sample the writing style before signing on for a huge series.

From my published work, I'd say either Colony or Shadow of an Empire, depending on whether you prefer Science-Fiction or Fantasy more.

The legendary Viking ZX.
I've heard so much about you....
I'm considering reading some of your books and fan-fictions.
Trouble is.... I cannot decide which one to start with.
What do you recommend?

thank you for the fave on To be a Breezie. I'm glad that you enjoyed your read :)

  • Viewing 177 - 186 of 186
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