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Viking ZX

Author of Science-Fiction and Fantasy novels! Oh, and some fanfiction from time to time.

Latest Published Work

Axtara - Banking and Finance

From the mind behind Shadow of an Empire and Colony comes a new YA Fantasy adventure full of friendship, discovery, and finance!

Meet Axtara, a young dragon just leaving the nest in pursuit of her lifelong dream: To own and operate her own bank. Her destination? The edge of known civilization: Elnacier. The coastal kingdom is small, but brimming with natural resources and poised for an economic boom if the right conditions can be met.

If. Change is never easy, and Axtara is going to have her claws full founding Elnacier’s first bank as she runs up against skeptical townsfolk, stubborn ministers, suspicious business owners, and tradition itself.

Especially as she’s also about to be Elnacier’s first dragon


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Just thought it worth saying here... Max, I really enjoy reading your stories. :twilightsmile:
While your original fiction is among my all time favorites (especially your current trilogy!) I have enjoyed every moment of reading your fanfiction here. :raritywink:
Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us! :pinkiehappy:

bold statement claiming that you’re all of reality :p

The best places are A) the social spaces you hang out at in the real world and B) online social places that allow it, such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit/forums (check the rules) or other locations where people will be conversing about books.

would you happen to know a place to plug indie author books?

Happy new year. May 2020 be a memory filled one.

Thank you for every smile your story bring me in past,present&future :raritystarry:

You're welcome!:twilightsheepish: I had quite a bit of fun doing them!

Hey that's awesome! And much appreciated! I'll put up a post on it tomorrow! Thank you!!! :pinkiehappy:

  • Viewing 185 - 194 of 194
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