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Where I've Been · 3:29am Sep 3rd, 2014

So, I've been taking writing really seriously over the past year. I got 15,000 words out of NaNoWriMo; not bad for a busy month running science festivals. I finished the manuscript in June, sold my retro game systems the funds for self-publishing e-books, and joined a forum thread on one of my boards to write 500 words a night. I was feeling pretty good, especially considering I'm finally a parent (Lyra's style).

Then I come back one, and notice the disappointment and cobwebs I've left around here.

So, I wrote 1,431 words of the next Chaos and Darkness chapter tonight. That brings it up to almost 4K. I'm not going to promise a date, but I'm clearing my writers block on my self-publishing projects to try to come back and finish the backlog of ending I owe people here.

I'm not sure how time will be, considering I'm teaching honors courses that demand instant grading, but I'll try on day at a time and at least 500 words a night. I owe it to the fans that taught me how to write.

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I doubt you're ever coming back, but if you do, thank you for Hooves Holding Hearts. It's one of my favorite stories on this site.

Safe travels, wherever you are.

Oh hey, you're gone.

So, about that. Is there still hope, or are your stories dead?

Is your three whooves universe dead? I really injoy it and would love to read more of it!:derpytongue2:

No. I swear it's not. I just need to get through the semester. There's only two scenes left in the latest chapter, and two chapters after that.

  • Viewing 75 - 79 of 79
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